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Nainital Holiday Packages

Nainital Holiday Packages

Nainital is an excellent destination you’re a local who wants to escape the summer heat or a foreign tourist who’d like to see a different side of India. One of the highlights of this hill station is the pear-shaped Lake Naini, which is a great place for boating and yachting. You’ll also want to explore the hiking tracks that wind through the forests and hillsides and lead to viewpoints that provide breathtaking vistas over the area. Don’t forget to go horse-riding and check out the local products sold in the Bara Bazaar! Ready to visit Nainital? Book your holiday packages with La Vacanza Travel now.


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Nainital - Holiday Tour Packages

One of the most popular hill stations in Uttarakhand, nestled between the towering peaks of Kumaon Hills, and renowned for its volcanic lake, Nainital is one of the most coveted travel destinations in India. Nature lovers visit the resort town for its breathtaking landscapes, while adventure seekers visit it for its nature-based sightseeing & activities. With tourist attractions set amidst nature, holiday packages can be diverse and varied. You can be playing golf at one time, and then contemplating in a temple at another. Are you planning to spend your next vacation in this hill resort? Be prepared for an almost 2000-m climb to reach Nainital. 

Places to visit in Nainital

Nainital is divided into two parts that are separated by the Naini Lake. Tallital is on the lower and southern side of the lake while my Mallital is on the northern upper side. Whichever part of the lake you find yourself in, you are sure to discover exciting things to do and spectacular attractions to see during your stay.

  • Guano Hills - Found in Pangot village, Guano Hills provide an excellent venue for walks through a forest of bamboo, thick oak and the deodar. It has rare birds, such as the black-chinned babbler and grey woodpecker, for residents.
  • Naini/Nainital Lake - Surrounded by seven mountains that almost touch the sky, Naini Lake is a tourist attraction that you shouldn't miss during your vacation. Have picnic, take a dip or just enjoy the view.
  • Temples - Nanda Devi Temple and Nana Devi Temple are two of the most notable temples in the hill resort. The former is built on the northern shore of the lake, making it quite accessible if you are visiting Naini Lake. Why not just head straight to the temple after a tour of the lake?

Things to do in Nainital

  • Hire a paddle boat or a yacht and just cruise around the lake. Enjoy the scenic view from the waters and get a clear perspective of the beauty of Nainital.
  • Take a hike to reach Tiffin Top at the Aryapatta Hill. The trek isn't so tough, but you always have an option to ride a horse to reach the top. Another trekking opportunity awaits you at the Naini/China Peak.
  • Explore the Cave gardens up from a Mallital. 6 caves make up the entire complex that are named Apes, Bats Flying Fox, Panther, Porcupine and Tiger. What makes the cave gardens very interesting is that the way gets narrower the further you go.
  • Engage in several outdoor sports such as camping, paragliding, water zorbing, and golf. 

Top attractions in Nainital

  • Naini Peak - Also called the China Peak, Naini Peak is the highest part of Nainital with an altitude of 2611 meters. Reach the top and you will be treated to an enchanting view of the entire hill station.
  • Snow View - Located in Sher-Ka-Danda Ridge, Snow View is another peak that is just a few meters lower than the China Peak. It offers an unobstructed view of the Naina Peak and its surrounding landscape. Look for the Mountain Magic where you can ride bump cars or engage in go kart race. 

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