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Nalanda Holiday Packages

Nalanda Holiday Packages

India is truly a land of wonder and magic. Its tapestry filled with beautiful ancient temples, awe-inspiring landscapes and magnificent ruins make it one of the most visited countries in the world. And those curious enough to explore more of what India has to offer should never miss booking one of the holiday packages to Nalanda.

La Vacanza offers day, private and group holiday packages that make exploring the wonders of Nalanda a lot easier. Choose from Nalanda Holiday packages or tours now.  (Picture : Nalanda Buddhist University Ruins by Hideyuki KAMON in flickr)


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Destination Guide

The Best Time to Visit Nalanda

Nalanda is located in the state of Bihar in India where summers can be sweltering and monsoon seasons can make exploring the area impossible. The best time to visit Nalanda is from October to March when the weather is good for walking around the ruins.

Must-See Sites in Nalanda

Nalanda University

Nalanda was once the center for higher learning in India and is home to the longest running university in Indian history, the Nalanda International University.

During its day, the university accommodated more than 10,000 students including notable figures like Mahavira and Buddha. It also had over 2,000 faculty members and an extensive university library to facilitate the learning of its students.

Today, all that remains of this once glorious learning facility is its ruins sitting over 14 acres of land. The university was destroyed in 1193 by Turkish invaders. 

Nalanda Archaeological Museum

Founded in 1971, the Nalanda Archaeological Museum houses some of the most significant finds from excavations in Nalanda and Rajgir. It has over 13, 463 antique items, 349 of which are displayed in its four main galleries and can be traced back to the 12th century AD.

The museum’s main gallery features sculptures of Buddha in Varad, Trailokya Vijay, Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara and Samantbhadra. You will also find Nalanda’s scale model on the museum’s entry.

The Great Stupa

Nestled among the ruins of the Nalanda University is The Great Stupa, which was built by Ashoka in the 3rd century to honor Sariputra.

It is shaped like a pyramid, has several sculptures and surrounded by a flight of steps that take you to the top of the stupa to enjoy magnificent views of the ancient university.

Nalanda Multimedia Museum

There is no better place to get a preview of Nalanda’s rich history than in this museum. Here, you can watch a 20-minute film telling the history of Nalanda using 3D animation.

It is located within the premises of the ancient university and is considered a great stop to learn more about the place before you actually explore it.

After exploring the extensive ruins in Nalanda, you can enjoy some samosas, litti and snacks in one of the many local stalls in the area. For a proper meal, however, you can visit the garden restaurant at the Nalanda Multimedia Museum, which opens during peak season.

Nalanda holiday packages

So, are you ready to book one of the holiday packages to Nalanda? Get in touch with us to learn more about the wide variety of holiday packages that we offer.

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