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Orchha Holiday Packages

Orchha Holiday Packages

Orchha may be a small town on Betwa River but it is definitely big in culture and architecture. It offers a relaxing and more laidback atmosphere that is perfect for anyone wanting to get away from the hustle and bustle of India’s more famous destinations.

La Vacanza offers holiday packages to Orchha that range from day, private and group tours to suit your every need. Get in touch with us to learn more about our holiday packages.


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What to See in Orchha

The majestic city of Orchha, which means “hidden palace,” was once the capital of Bundela Rajput Kings, and everywhere you look, you will see the strong Mughal-influenced Rajput architecture in its top tourist spots.

Jehangir Mahal

Built in the early 17th century by Bir Singh Deo for a visit by emperor Jehangir, the Jehangir Mahal is one of the finest examples of classic Mughal architecture with its precipitous walkways and steep staircases.

The palace was used as a citadel for the Mughals and its domes were built following the Timurid customs.

The lawns and gates of the palaces are also massive enough to accommodate war elephants and its walls are crowned with eight slender domed pavilions and eight domed turrets.

Rama Raja Temple

According to legend, this idols of Lord Rama was supposed to be installed in the Chaturbhuj temple but while it was built, they were temporarily kept inside the queen’s palace.

When it was time to move them to the temple, it is said that the idols refused to move, thus, this part of Raja Mahal was turned into the Rama Raja temple, the only one in India where Lord Rama is worshipped as a king.

Gun salute is performed every day by the police guarding the temple to honor Lord Rama.

Raja Mahal

One of the most distinct palaces inside the Orchha Fort Complex is Raja Mahal, which will surely take your breath away.

The 17th century masterpiece has flawless architecture and is decorated with murals of gods, mythical people and animals.

You will find several deities in the rooms of the Raja Mahal including Buddha, Brahma, Rama, Vishnu, and Sita and Ganesh.

The palace windows and passages were also designed in a way that the natural sunlight entering the palace creates different moods throughout the day.

Phool Bagh

There’s no better place in Orchha to take a leisurely stroll than in Phool Bag.

This beautiful garden complex showcases the decorative architecture of the Bundelas with intricately designed fountains surrounding an eight-pillar pavilion.

Water gets collected in a Chandan Katora, a large bowl that supplies water through the roof to make it look like rainfall.

Phool Bagh used to be the retreat for Orchha kings during summer and has a central memorial built for Prince Dinman Hardaul who committed suicide to prove his innocence to his older brother.

Orchha Holiday Packages and Tours

Orchha is definitely a town that you should include in your itinerary to India. And if you’re planning your trip soon, take the hassle-free route by booking holiday packages and tours that will take you to the most beautiful spots in Orchha. 

La Vacanza is your trusted provider of day, private and tour holiday packages to different destinations around India.

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