Poland Holiday Packages

Poland Holiday Packages

A true picture of transformation, Poland shows the world the beauty that comes from rebuilding and moving on from a history of wars and oppression. You can hardly find traces of a tumultuous past, only a host of amazing architecture, beautiful gardens and other tourist attractions. Make sure to choose Poland holiday packages and tours that will include some of Poland’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites, such as the Church of Peace in Jawor, the Historic Centre of Kraków, Wieliczka and Bochnia Royal Salt Mines and the Medieval Town of Torun. And don’t leave home without visiting Poland’s unspoiled countryside. Book your tour with La Vacanza today.    


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Destination Guide

Poland - Holiday Packages and Tours

For a country that has seen war and devastation in great magnitude, Poland managed to turn itself around and has now become one of the most popular travel destinations.

Nearly every city in the country showcases history in a positive and impressive way. Beyond it are natural wonders that beckon to be explored, from woods to lakes and everything else in between. Apart from sightseeing & activities, this holiday hot spot also offers delectable food meant to warm your heart and give you a piece of home even when you are away. 

Places to visit in Poland

Historic towns and cities abound in Poland. Give yourself time to explore each one of them during your vacation, and you are likely to discover something new and interesting. 

  • Old Town - The Old Town Square in Warsaw is one of the things you should not miss when in Poland. After all, it is a display of a monumental reconstruction, starting from the ground up, as it was nothing more than rubble after the war. Today, it is home to impressive structures in baroque, Renaissance and Gothic elements. 
  • Krakow - Also written as Cracow, this travel destination is Poland’s cultural and medieval capital. With old churches, art galleries, monuments, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site city center, taking on a creative tour is one of the many things to do in this side of Poland. It is also home to trendy pubs and the largest medieval marketplace in Europe. 
  • Wroclaw - This Silesian city has more bridges than other towns in Europe, with the exception of Amsterdam, Hamburg, and Venice, of course. Its rich and colorful history, also makes it one of the very interesting places to visit. 
  • There are plenty of other towns and cities in Poland that should be included in holiday packages. But choose those that cater to your idea of a great vacation. 

Things to do in Poland

There is no shortage of sightseeing & activities in Poland, only limited time. To maximize your trip, sign up for tours that will let you see as much of a particular area or type of attractions. 

  • Go on a museum tour and see repositories of Poland’s history in Szczecin or Krakow. 
  • Visit all of Poland’s national parks, including the Bialowieza National Park in the border of Belarus and Wielkopolski National Park. 
  • Hike at some of the most popular trails in the country, such as the peaks of the Beskid Mountains. Hiking routes vary from beginner to advanced hiker, and should be explored with a professional guide. 
  • Check out its castles and rural monuments. One of the most popular is Malbork Castle, found in the UNESCO World Heritage Site Malbork.   

Top attractions in Poland

Cities in Poland are tourist attractions in their own right, what with its rich history and culture. They have plenty of stories to tell even just by taking a stroll on its alleys and passing by significant landmarks. 

Beyond the cities are natural attractions worth checking out. With 23 national parks, you will surely find something breath-taking to look at, from primeval forests to a rich wildlife. Castles are scattered all over the country, showcasing grandeur built in a majestic countryside.

These include the Malbork Castle in northern Poland, Gothic Wawel Castle in Krakow, and Czocha Castle near Luban. 

Poland holiday packages and tours 

There is a wide range of Poland holiday packages and tours to choose from. In fact, if you wish to see the best of Poland during your holiday, it is recommended to sign up for one of the Poland holiday packages and tours on offer.

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