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Pondicherry Holiday Packages

Pondicherry Holiday Packages

Nestled in the southern region of India, Puducherry is where the kind of peace and quiet resides and blossoms beautifully. This state strives away from the typical busy street scenery in the heavily urbanized parts of the country. With that comes worthwhile holiday packages that will give travelers the rest and relaxation that they need.

Its quiet charm is one of the reasons why the Union Territory of Pondicherry remains to be one of the most visited destinations in South India. However, there's more to this state than just the beautiful peace and quiet. With La Vacanza, tourists have great Pondicherry holiday packages to choose from should they decide to visit this wonderful state.

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Quick History

Puducherry is a hub for French colonial architecture and history. As a region under the colony of France until the mid-1950s, this coastal town preserves many colonial buildings and structures. Along with that, the region is filled with urban architecture that shows the local Tamil style.

To this day, the Puducherry tourism struggles to protect the quiet charm and the mix of unique cultural heritage that resides in the streets of this beautiful Southern Indian region. Right at the heart of Puducherry is the city of Pondicherry. If there's somewhere tourists visit often in this state, it's this unique city.

Places to Visit in Puducherry (Pondicherry)

Sri Aurobindo Ashram 

People who are looking for spiritual harmony and enlightenment, Sri Aurobindo Ashram is the spiritual community that people often visit.

Pondicherry Beach

Beach bums can soak in the sun in the marvelous Pondicherry Beach.  It sits beautifully by a flowing creek on one side and springs tree houses located in the backwaters. It paints a breathtaking scenery that truly transports visitors into a tropical paradise.


Auroville is a unique township in Pondicherry that is borne out of the experiment and strategy by a popular architect named Roger Anger. Known as the "City of Dawn", it aims to develop a sense of peaceful co-existence in India.

Mahatma Gandhi Statue

Perhaps the statue of the great Mahatma Gandhi is one of the most prominent landmarks found in Puducherry. History buffs often stop by this place to commemorate his wisdom and contribution. So if you're looking for great holiday packages for your next visit to Puducherry, make sure to include this stop during the tour!

The Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Other than being a revered place of worship by many congregations, the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus presents an elegant gothic architecture that shows the beauty of structural designs through the years.

Statue of Dupleix

The Statue of Dupleix is one of the most well-known landmarks in Puducherry that represents the country's history of French colonialism. Commemorating the French governor Dupleix's reign until 1754, the statue was built during 1870 and still proudly stands to this day.

Rock Beach

Unlike Pondicherry Beach, Rock Beach boast a scenic display of serene waters and beautiful rock formations. For tourists looking for a peaceful reprieve with nature, this location is a perfect stop for many individuals. Open for 24 hours, visitors can take pleasant strolls by the beach or even watch the sunrise unfold right in front of their very eyes.

Puducherry Holiday Packages

All in all, Puducherry can bring tourists a perfect mix of peace, quiet, nature, history, and arts--making the state a great tourist hub for all. Great holiday packages await tourists with La Vacanza today!

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