Is Lake Lucerne Cruise The Best Way to Explore The Scenic Beauty of The Region in Switzerland?

Shad Siddiqui

Answered On : 17, Dec 2019

Lake Lucerne Cruise is a great way to experience the jaw-dropping natural beauty of the region and the charming city of Lucerne, in other words, the lake Lucerne Cruise is the best way to explore the Scenic beauty of the region during your Switzerland Holiday.

Lake Lucerne, Cruise and Lucerne Skyline

Though small, Lucerne is a beautiful and charming city in Switzerland. It is one of the places that offer wonderful natural surroundings for which the country is so famous for, as well as the A-framed chalets on the foothills and buildings with painted facades, which certainly add to the charm of this quaint city.

Now, if you want to see this sceneries in a relaxing way, you can take a cruise on Lake Lucerne.

Old town of Lucerne, Switzerland

Lake Lucerne Cruise

A Lake Lucerne boat trip is a great way to explore the city at a pleasant pace, where you can easily combine it with visits to other attractions. On such a cruise, you can tour the magnificent bays of Lake Lucerne aboard an elegant yacht, whether it is during the morning, afternoon or evening.

You can just sit back and relax on the upper or main deck, while your captain takes you along the most stunning lake in Switzerland, surrounded by majestic mountain peaks, meadows and forests. While sipping on your favorite drinks and munching your snacks, you can enjoy audio commentaries about the highlights and attractions that surround the lake.

There are different kinds of cruises available at Lake Lucerne, including round trips from the city to Meggen and single trips from the city to Flüelen. But whatever you choose, a Lake Lucerne cruise is an excellent way to enjoy the beautiful region.

Lake Lucerne Cruise, Switzerland

What to Expect

First, you have to head to a pier in Lake Lucerne to board the spacious and elegant yachts. Onboard, you will find a comfortable spot on the upper or main deck and get ready for your cruise around the lake.

During the cruise, you can take in views of the breathtaking mountain scenery that is marked by sloping forests, steep Alpine peaks, and fertile valleys and meadows.

As you can see, this uniquely shaped lake is often referred to as the heart of Switzerland, being surrounded by 4 glorious cantons, namely Lucerne, Schwyz, Uri, and Unterwalden.

The yachts here usually feature custom-designed furniture and other components great for sightseeing, such as sliding roofs that can be closed or opened depending on the weather.

On the main deck, you can purchase snacks and drinks from a bar, which you can enjoy while taking in the mist and fresh breeze that makes your journey more invigorating. Along the way, you will have an audio guide to let you learn about the historical monuments, landscapes and places of interest around the lake.

Cruise at Lake Lucerne, Switzerland

Side Trips

Although sunny and clear weather is great for a cruise on the lake, it would still be okay if it is cloudy or drizzling. You can check a timetable in order to see what trips would suit you best or how to combine your cruise with other attractions.

As Lake Lucerne has many sceneries and old-world villages along its shores, you can stay at a hotel room that commands a great view of the lake. Steamers and mountain railways can get you many points of interest around the region, like Mount Pilatus, Rigi, Bürgenstock, Gütsch and Mount Titlis.

The old town of Lucerne, wooden Chapel bridge, stone Water tower, Reuss river and Lake Lucerne, Switzerland