What are some 'Must-Visit' Attractions in Bangkok?

Bhushan Singh

Answered On : 14, Oct 2019

Capital of Thailand, Bangkok is one of the most popular destinations in the world. The city is home to famous and beautiful temples, never-ending activities, tours, sightseeing, glittering nightlife, and unlimited shopping opportunities.  

Wat arun in Bangkok, Thailand top attraction

List of attraction is long in Bangkok for a tourist but here is a compilation of 'must-visit' attractions in Bangkok, that every traveler must follow to the teeth.

  • Floating Market in Bangkok
  • The Grand Palace, Bangkok
  • Wat Arun Temple
  • Temple of the Emerald Buddha
  • Golden Buddha Temple
  • Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World
  • Safari World and Marine Park
  • Dream World, Bangkok
  • Chatuchak Weekend Market
  • Silom Village
  • Nightlife in Bangkok
  • Shopping in Sukhumvit and Pratunam Market
  • Shopping in MBK Mall

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Shad Siddiqui

Answered On : 05, Oct 2019

Bangkok is known to the world as the capital city of Thailand and a place that is home to beautiful temples, bustling flea markets, fashionable shopping malls and of course, the famous Pad Thai. Locals call it Krung Thep.

There is no dearth of attractions and places to visit in Bangkok, but the following are absolute must-visits attractions and must-experience whenever you’re in Bangkok.


Going shopping is almost a part of any family vacation. whether big or small every tourist wishes to take a piece of a tourist destination back home. Shopping in Bangkok is an experience and an adventure both.

shopping in Bangkok, Thailand. A top Attraction

Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World

Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World in Bangkok is a must-visit in Bangkok, Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World is where you'll find a huge assortment of marine life, including giant spider crabs, giant pacific octopus, and stingray sharks. There are a lot of experiences to enjoy at the Rocky Shore, Short Walk, the Ocean Tunnel, and the rest of the exhibits spread over 5 million liters of water.

Wat Arun Temple

It’s hard to miss the distinctive spires of Wat Arun Temple on the Thonburi side of the Chao Phraya River. Named after the God of Dawn Aruna, the temple is Thailand’s most striking landmark.

wat arun temple bangkok Thailand

Nightlife in Bangkok

In the cover of the night, Bangkok comes to life the city turns into a destination where all the fun begins. Whether nice or naughty, the city will cater to your definition of fun nightlife. Here are some of the must-visit places popular for nightlife in Bangkok

bangkok thailand massage nightlife attraction

Dream World, Bangkok

If Hong Kong has Disneyland, Bangkok has Dream World. This popular theme park guarantees a fun-filled day out with the children and the entire family

dream world bangkok attraction

Floating Market in Bangkok

Floating markets have always been popularly associated with Bangkok, although they are not exclusive to Thailand. They provide a different shopping experience, especially because reaching the market is often packaged as an adventure to tourists.

floating market bangkok attraction

The Grand Palace, Bangkok

The Grand Palace lives up to its name in every possible way. Located at the heart of Bangkok, Thailand, this huge palace complex covers more than 2 million square feet and has been the official residence of the Kings of Thailand since 1782.

Grand Palace Bangkok Attraction

Temple of the Emerald Buddha

Wat Phra Kaew or the Temple of the Emerald Buddha is located within the grounds of the Grand Palace is Thailand’s most important Buddhist temple.

emerald buddha temple bangkok attraction

Chatuchak Weekend Market

Aside from its beautiful temples, Bangkok is also famous for its bustling shopping scene. And if there is one place in the city where you can find some of the best deals, it has to be Chatuchak Weekend Market.

weekend night market bangkok attraction

Golden Buddha Temple

Standing five meters tall and weighing five and a half tons, the Golden Buddha is the largest gold seated Buddha in the world. Located in the Temple of Wat Traimit near the Hualampong Railway Station at the end of Chinatown’s Yaowarat Road, the Golden Buddha was discovered in an accident when it was relocated in 1955.

golden buddha temple top attraction Bangkok

Safari World

Safari World Bangkok is especially great if you’re traveling with the family because it will let you experience what it’s like to be up close with the animals of the wild.

Safari World Bangkok Attraction

Have a great trip to Bangkok, Thailand