Reunion Island Holiday Packages

Reunion Island Holiday Packages

The Indian Ocean is peppered with wonderful gems, and one of them is Reunion Island. Although it is an island, water-based activities aren't what most visitors come here to do. With incredible landscapes that rival those of Hawaii (it is called the Hawaii of the southern hemisphere), the island is a haven for outdoor pursuits. Check out our offerings Reunion Island holiday packages and tours.

07 Days Best of Mauritius and Reunion Island


Duration: 06 Nights | 07 Days

Departure Point: India

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Reunion Island Holiday Packages and Tours

The Indian Ocean is full of wonder. In this vast body of water are islands that offer just about any kind of adventure you want. And if you are looking for an outdoor adventure, in particular, you will find a host of activities to suit your fancy in Reunion Island.

A French territory in the Indian Ocean, Reunion Island is a tropical paradise filled with beaches, coral reefs, rainforests, and volcanoes. While it is known for its outdoor activities, visitors can also appreciate the country's rich culture.

if Hiking is a popular activity, with walks lasting from a few hours to a few days; each trail also offers jaw-dropping views of the island. Not to be left out are outdoor pursuits of the heart-pumping kind, including paragliding, canyoneering, mountain biking, and horse riding. The multicultural nature of the Reunion Islands is worthy of appreciation, and it is reflected in the place itself and the cuisine.

With a choice of Reunion Island holiday packages and tours, La Vacanza ensures you experience the best of what this Indian Ocean island has to offer. Book with us today to see the beauty and splendor of Reunion Island.

What to see and try in Reunion Island

What makes Reunion Island special? Why should you visit it over other destinations? There's more to this territory than just being an island in the Indian Ocean.

Outdoors - With a stunning landscape and varied terrain, Reunion Island is the ideal destination of you want a holiday packed with outdoor adventures. This is where you'll find hiking trails that range from the simple to the complex, where itineraries can last from hours to days. And in case you need more adrenaline-packed adventures, you can try canyoning, mountain biking, paragliding, and rafting.

Culture - Reunion Island may have jaw-dropping scenery and activities meant to pump adrenaline, but there's room for more relaxing activities too. Centuries of immigration has given the island a multi-ethnic composition that makes itself evident in its architectural and historic sites, as well as colonial buildings and vibrant festivals.

Cuisine - The blend of Creole, Chinese, Indian, and French influences also makes itself known in the island's food. A meal in any restaurant is sure to be a treat, plus there's lots more the savor during a visit to the markets, bakeries, and pastry shops.

Things to do in Reunion Island

Outdoor activities are at the top of the list of things to do in Reunion Island, but the less adrenaline-pumping activities are well worth your time as well.

Hiking - Reunion Island's landscape is comprised of cirques, plains, and volcano, each offering a stunning view of the island. Two of the most popular sites for this activity is the Mafate cirque and the Piton de la Fournaise volcano.

Visiting museums - Learn more about the island by visiting some of its museums. The Museum of Natural History presents the wildlife of the Eastern Indian Ocean while the Villele Museum of History tells the story of the island's past. There are specialty museums as well, including the Departmental Museum of Salt which is all about salt.

Taking an aerial tour - Reunion Island is beautiful at eye level, but you can take it up a notch and see just how majestic the place is from above. Just a reminder: tours leave early in the morning to avoid clouds and fog.

Reunion Island - Holiday Packages and Tours

Make sure you have a good time at Reunion Island by booking a holiday tour package from La Vacanza today!

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