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Russia Holiday Packages

Russia Holiday Packages

If you want to spend your vacation in a unique, unforgettable way, why not spend it in Russia? The world’s largest country is always worth a visit because of the wide range of activities it offers. Immerse yourself in urban Russian living by exploring the top clubs, theaters, and restaurants in Moscow and St. Petersburg. If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the cities, head off to the countryside in the Tula and Oryol regions, where you won’t only get to enjoy idyllic scenery but also visit the homes of Tolstoy and Turgenev. Get in touch with La Vacanza Travel today to choose your Russia holiday packages and start preparing for your trip.

Best Russia Tour Packages in 2024

Package Title Duration Inclusions Price
Best of Two Capitals in Russia with Moscow and St. Petersburg 4 Night | 5 Days Taxes, Transfers, Assistance, Breakfast, Airfare, Hotels, Transport, Sightseeing, Visa Fee ₹82000

Best of Two Capitals in Russia with Moscow and St. Petersbur...


Duration: 4 Night | 5 Days

Departure Point: India



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Russia - Holiday Packages and Tours

A nation filled with mystery and a touch of wary excitement, Russia is one of the few travel destinations that tourists from all of the world want to visit with a slight hesitation, what with its somewhat stringent and somber reputation.

But these elements are what exactly make Russia an exciting place to spend your next vacation. Its sightseeing & activities range from the usual to something that still bears the scars of centuries of war. Its history up to its presence is definitely worth discovering with your own eyes.

Places to visit in Russia

As the largest nation in the world, there are plenty of interesting places to visit in Russia, more so if you extend your vacation to international borders. No other place in the world will get you from Japan to Ukraine when you travel from one end to the other. Of course, most of the places that make it to Russia holiday packages are the more popular cities:

  • Moscow is Russia's capital, home to endless sightseeing & activities that adventurous visitors are sure to enjoy.
  • St. Petersburg is considered one of the top travel destinations in the world because of the Hermitage Museum, which is a living open-air museum right in the heart of the city.
  • Sochi hosted the 2014 Winter Olympic Games, which propelled it to worldwide recognition overnight. What most people don't know, however, is that Sochi has a black sea beach resort worth exploring.

Other interesting places to visit are Dombai, the border of Europe and Asia, the Golden Ring and Lake Baikal.

Things to do in Russia

With snow-capped mountains stretching far and wide, a range of snow sports is among the favorite activities in Russia during winter. People from all over the world, however, are recognizing the country's awesome potential for cycling, kayaking, hiking, mountaineering and other exciting things to do. 

But a favorite is traveling to Yekaterinburg for the photo opportunity of you standing between two continents – Europe and Asia. It may not be as adventurous as skiing, but it is a unique experience. 

If you want to take a break from daring activities, witness a long musical tradition in Russia or watch a world-renowned classic ballet. With performances held at the lavish Mariinsky Theatre in St Petersburg, you should not leave the country without watching at least one show. 

But a major highlight of your vacation should be traveling aboard the Trans-Siberian Railway, where you get to see the landscape, people and culture of Russia, delivered in a slow and romantic view. 

Top attractions in Russia

  • Red Square and Kremlin - If you have only ever seen the Red Square and the Kremlin in movies, buying holiday packages to Russia would be a great way to see these historical attractions up close. 
  • Lake Baikal - Located in Siberia, this lake is the deepest in the world and also the oldest at 25 million years. Because of its age, depth and isolation, it is home to the most unusual freshwater faunas in the world. It is a favorite stop of the Trans-Siberian railway.
  • Natural Attractions - Eco-tourism is very popular in Russia because of its many amazing natural wonders. These include the volcanoes of Kamchatka, Mount Elbrus, Sikhote-Alin mountain range, and several nature reserves.

Russia holiday packages

Opportunities to see, to do and to experience are unlimited in Russia, but it would be fantastic to see and experience with your own eyes. Check out all Russia holiday packages and tours offered by La Vacanza Travel.

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