Shanghai Holiday Packages

Shanghai Holiday Packages


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Shanghai - Holiday Tour Packages


Shanghai is one of China's highlights, a favorite travel destination where everyone wants to spend their vacation. Even its name alone invokes a wide range of ideas – exotic promise, glamour, mystery and history. The city is a renowned international metropolis with a fast-paced modernization that is accompanied by its multicultural growth and the increasing need to preserve its tradition and culture. So where do you plan to go to next? Make it Shanghai.

Top places to visit in Shanghai

In the 1930s, Shanghai is the largest and most prosperous of China's many cities. The world may have changed since then, but it has preserved its many places of interest that will appeal to the old and young, and to locals and tourists alike.

The city is split into two districts: Puxi and Pudong, each one is home to cities and towns that offer a wide range of sightseeing & activities.

  • The Bund in Puxi is where several historical buildings can be seen lining the side of Huangpu River, which is why it is considered the colonial riverside.
  • Huangpu is Shanghai's traditional hub, and where the People's Park and the People's Square are located. Both are in good company with the Shanghai Museum, City Hall and the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall.
  • Pudong is the financial and commercial district where skyscrapers dot the city's skyline. People who travel to Shanghai for business make Pudong their first stop.

Whatever you want to see and do in Shanghai is yours to enjoy regardless of where you are in the city.

Things to do in Shanghai

Drink tea at any of the many tea houses in the city. Some of them offer local delicacies that you should try during your vacation.

Take a river cruise and get a panoramic view of Shanghai’s skyline from the waters. River tours run from cheap to expensive.

Visit amusement parks and temples. The Shanghai Happy Village and the Jinjiang Amusement Park are two of Shanghai's popular theme parks. If you want a more spiritual experience after all the fun and excitement, head out to the Jade Buddha Temple, Longhua Temple and the Jing'an Temple. 

Other must things to do when in Shanghai are riding the Shanghai maglev train, getting a traditional Chinese acupressure, and spending the day at the Shanghai City Beach.

Top attractions in Shanghai

  • Jade Buddha temple - This temple in the western part of Shanghai is not only visited by pilgrims and tourists for its magnificent and impressive architecture, but most especially for its two resident Buddha statues that are carved using whole white jade. They are porcelain artworks that carry a cultural significance. 
  • Qibao Ancient Town - With a history that spans over a thousand years, the ancient town of Qibao is often one of the highlights of holiday packages to Shanghai. After all, it is the easiest way to experience what ancient water townships are without the need to travel long distances. The highlights in the town are the Qibao Temple, Shadow Play performances, and cricket fighting shows.

Shanghai holiday packages

There are a wide range of Shanghai holiday packages to choose from. In fact, if you wish to see the best of Shanghai during your holiday, it is recommended to sign up for one of the Shanghai holiday package tours on offer.

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