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Davos Absolutely Free Flying Paragliding Tandem Flight 1'000 Meters High

(101) Reviews

Enjoy your personal and individual paragliding flight in the Swiss Alps with a professional paragliding team. Make your ...

Duration:2 hours


Paragliding Davos Early Bird (Video & Photos Included)

(3) Reviews

We take advantage of the pleasant flight conditions in the early morning and take off for a morning flight from Jakobsho...

Duration:1 hour 45 minutes


Davos Ski And Fly (Video & Photos Included)

(5) Reviews

Skiing and Flying is a perfect combination during winter time. Our launch sites in Davos are located in the middle of th...

Duration:2 hours


Davos Paragliding Private Tandem Pilot Half Day

(18) Reviews

Enjoy a private tandem flight paragliding experience with a paragliding pilot. You will have four hours reserved for you...

Duration:4 hours


DAVOS: Paragliding Tandem Flight In Swiss Alps (Video & Photos Included)

(35) Reviews

Take off, soar and enjoy breathtaking views of the Swiss Alps. Experience the fascination of flying during a par...

Duration:2 hours


Davos Foxtrail Cuolm Strinau

(1) Reviews

A Foxtrail is a mixture of sightseeing, scavenger hunt and escape game where the trail of the virtual fox has puzzles an...

Duration:3 hours


Swiss Alps Tandem Paragliding Experience in Davos

(33) Reviews

The best way to multiply your happiness is to share it with others!2 pilots take you up in the air together with...

Duration:2 hours