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One-day Hangzhou Lakeside Mountains Relics & Ruins Hiking – Guided Outdoor Tour

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A hardcore 8-hour in-depth Hangzhou mountains hiking tour that takes you deep into Hangzhou’s scenery and history at the...

Duration:5 hours


Fall Foliage Hiking - 1-Day Guided Autumn Trailwalk in Zhejiang Province

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Five hours light hiking on Huangnan Mountain’s hallmark fall foliage Old Road hiking trail. Departs from Hangzhou. ...

Duration:9 to 10 hours


Plog and Hike Mount Mogan Nature Reserve – Guided Outdoor Tour from Hangzhou

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An eco-friendly, guided, private nature hike and tour of the mountain trail and hidden garden forests of celebrity villa...

Duration:8 hours


One-day Hangzhou Buddhist Temple Vegetarian Snack Cycle Hike

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Temples. VISIT ALL THE HANGZHOU TEMPLES TOURISTS OVERLOOKGet acquainted with Jingci Temple, Fajing Temple, Faxi ...

Duration:5 hours


2-Day Huangshan Mountain Sunset Climb & Sunrise Camp Guided Tour from Hangzhou

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A 2-day guided outdoor adventure tour to discover Huangshan Mountain, also known as ‘Yellow Mountain’. Departs from Hang...

Duration:2 days


Mountain Lake Hiking -1-Day Scenic Trailwalking in Anhui Province

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Heaven’s lake. A trail with distinct character defined by the season of travel. The great outdoors.See the gorge...

Duration:8 to 10 hours