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Snorkeling at Dimaniyat Islands and Dolphin Watching

(288) Reviews

Going on this tours with us, we will take you to the best spots for taking pictures of you with turtles, whale sharks an...

Duration:4 to 5 hours


Daymaniyat Islands Snorkeling Sharing Trip

(214) Reviews

Touring and snorkeling the Daymaniyat Islands are one of the most surprising trip to Muscat. Nine small islands make up ...

Duration:5 hours


Snorkeling trips to Daymaniat Islands Sharing Trip

(83) Reviews

Throughout the year you will see 3 different species of turtles who come since centuries to the islands. A huge diversit...

Duration:5 hours


2 Hour Dolphin Watching Experience in Muscat

(21) Reviews

Experience the beauty of Oman's marine life with Nobles Marine Tour's Dolphin Watching Tour in Muscat! Hop on board our ...

Duration:2 hours


Daymaniyat island Natural Reserve and Dolphin Watching

(12) Reviews

The Dimaniyat Island Boat Tour is a thrilling aquatic adventure in Oman's Arabian Sea. Here's a concise overview:Isl...

Duration:6 hours


Dimaniyat Island Tour

(22) Reviews

Its always Fun with Fin boat see the beauty of Oman in Dimaniyat Island Visiting 3 islands in Dimaniyat Isla...

Duration:5 hours


Historical Muscat Sunset Tour

(54) Reviews

Experience tranquility on our golden hour cruise of old Muscat. This cruise sails past fishing villages, Portuguese watc...

Duration:2 hours


Half-Day Private Tour and Snorkeling Experience in Dimaniyat Island

(0) Reviews

Demaniyat Islands Nature Reserve is a unique location that offers beautiful beaches, and amazing marine life such as tur...

Duration:4 hours


Dolphin Watching

(95) Reviews

The sea around Muscat is rich in life due to its location and seasonal cold-water currents that keep our corals healthy ...

Duration:2 hours


Private Game Fishing Trip with Sightseeing in Muscat

(4) Reviews

Our game fishing experience is designed to provide an unforgettable adventure on the blue waters of the Arabian Gulf. We...

Duration:4 hours


Boat Trip and Snorkeling at Daymaniyat Island

(28) Reviews

Our team are experts in sea tourism with over 15 years experience. We offer high quality equipment on our trips includin...

Duration:4 hours


Experience Dolphin watching and snorkeling in Muscat

(17) Reviews

Dolphin watching and snorkeling tour combines the thrill of observing dolphins in their natural habitat with the opportu...

Duration:3 hours


Omani Traditional Dhow Cruise: Sunset and Muscat Coastal View

(5) Reviews

With spectacular views of some of its landmarks, take in the scenic splendor of Oman's Coastline as it stretches over th...

Duration:2 hours


Snorkeling Experience at Ad Daymaniyat Islands in Muscat

(9) Reviews

Island Oasis: Immerse yourself in crystal-clear waters, white sandy beaches, and vibrant coral reefs teeming with marine...

Duration:4 hours


Scuba Diving to Dimaniyat Islands Muscat Oman

(20) Reviews

Throughout the year you will see 3 different species of turtles who come since centuries to the islands.A huge d...

Duration:5 hours


Scuba Diving Trips to Dimaniyat Islands

(113) Reviews

10 years of hospitality in oman, we love to teach we love to dive. To bring a big smile on our customers face is wha...

Duration:5 hours 30 minutes


Snorkeling Adventure to Daymaniat Islands

(65) Reviews

The Daymaniat Islands are a snorkeling hotspot around Muscat. You can snorkel with many sea Turtles, sharks, Rays and co...

Duration:5 hours


Guided Tour: Qurum Sunset

(0) Reviews

We give kayaking and watersports a new flavor. Group guided, safe, fun and surprising kayaking experience. We mainly org...

Duration:2 hours


Dolphin Watching & Snorkeling

(64) Reviews

Dolphin's hunt and travel along the coast of Oman from Musandam to Salalah, and Muscat has a fair share of sightings of ...

Duration:3 hours


Muscat Diving Experience to Daymaniyat Islands

(7) Reviews

You will join the leading diving and snorkeling company in Muscat for a great day exploring the underwater world. At you...

Duration:7 hours


Oman's Coastal Magic Dolphin Watching Tour in Muscat

(0) Reviews

Experienced crew: The tour is led by an experienced crew who are knowledgeable about the local marine life, ensuring tha...

Duration:2 hours


Dimaniyat Island from Muscat

(3) Reviews

The Dimaniyat Island is consider one of the most beautiful nature reserve in Oman that is located 70 KM west of Muscat (...

Duration:5 to 6 minutes


Omani dhow:Coastal and Sunset Cruise

(6) Reviews

Omani DhowCoastal and Sunset Cruise.Monday / Thursday / Friday & Saturday(Only from September ti...

Duration:3 to 4 hours


Dolphin Watching and Snorkeling Tour from Muscat

(10) Reviews

Watching the dolphins & go to discover the underwater world of Oman with snorkeling masks.First experience the power, gr...

Duration:3 to 4 hours


Sunset trip

(0) Reviews

Embark a traditional Omani Dhow for a 2 hours Dhow Cruise from Marina Bandar Rawdha. Pass Muscat Yacht club and Sidab Fi...

Duration:2 to 3 hours


Dolphin Watching and Snorkeling Activity in Muscat

(17) Reviews

Enjoy the magnificent ocean and nature from a completely different perspective while you are on vacation in Oman. Ahlan ...

Duration:3 hours


Muscat Snorkeling Trip to Daymaniyat Islands

(48) Reviews

You will join the leading diving and snorkeling company in Muscat for a great day exploring the underwater world. At you...

Duration:7 hours


Parasailing tour in Muscat and Daymaniyat island

(22) Reviews

Here your chance to enjoy on parasailing trip in Muscat beautiful beach, book now and don’t miss out the fun.

Duration:40 minutes


Wadi Shab Adventure

(4) Reviews

Wadi Shab and Wadi Tiwi are two of the most attractive wadis in Oman. It attracts visitors with the possibility of easy ...

Duration:9 hours


Muscat Sunset Kayak

(30) Reviews

Exploring the serene waters of the Gulf of Oman, chasing sunsets, and embracing the beauty of coastal living. Join me on...

Duration:2 hours