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Buddhist Tour 7 Day

(10) Reviews

Buddhism is a religion and philosophy that developed from the teachings of the Buddha (Sanskrit “Awakened One”), a teach...

Duration:7 days


Banaras Wala Tours

(247) Reviews

My name is Vinay Singh, I was born in Varanasi and have led tours here for nearly 10 years. My experience has made me th...

Duration:3 to 4 hours


2 Days Enlightening Bodhgaya Tour from Varanasi

(1) Reviews

It's an all inclusive tour, with a private vehicle available for you on disposal, and a local guide available from Bodhg...

Duration:2 days


Explore Varanasi’s heritage

(45) Reviews

Varanasi is a place to experience as if you have been living there, and not a place to merely see as a tourist. My tour ...

Duration:2 to 4 hours


Private Day Tour in Varanasi

(41) Reviews

Day Tour is combination of All tour from Sunrise to Sunset,All important Varanasi ghats tour with boat,Old City ...

Duration:3 to 8 hours


Evening Aarti of Mother Ganga

(21) Reviews

This tour will experience you life and death in this city. The manikarnika ghat is famous for eternal flame of shiva whi...

Duration:3 to 4 hours


A Journey of A lifetime

(201) Reviews

The services to others is the rent we pay for the room we have here on earth People visit places to live and enj...

Duration:3 hours


5-Day Private Sightseeing Tour of Varanasi Ayodhya and Prayag

(1) Reviews

We are offering this tour to visit old Kashi, along with old Prayag and the old town of Ayodhya. Enjoy great religious f...

Duration:5 days


Varanasi in one Day: Dawn on the Ganges, Sarnath & Evening Aarti

(24) Reviews

This is a Private Tour, designed for the regular tourist who comes to Varanasi first time and wants to experience to way...

Duration:14 hours


Varanasi Experience 01 Night -02 Days Tour

(27) Reviews

We offers the real experiences to our valued clients, safety-security and gives them right information about the Destina...

Duration:2 days


Complete tour of varanasi with official guide

(44) Reviews

It is complete tour of varanasi does not take time less than 13hours. But will be done in one day , starts morning and g...

Duration:13 to 16 hours


4- Hours Private Tour Morning Aarti & Boat Ride

(21) Reviews

Varanasi the city of Ghats is known in the world for its beautiful Ghats, Century old Temple. Here Hindu people come for...

Duration:4 hours


2 Days Bodhgaya Tour from Varanasi

(0) Reviews

It's an all inclusive tour, with a private vehicle available for you on disposal, and a local guide available from Bodhg...

Duration:2 days


Death & Rebirth Experience by walk

(12) Reviews

In our service guests will experience the real life, death and rebirth experience. In around a kilometer distance they e...

Duration:3 hours


Walking tours - for an authentic Varanasi experience

(19) Reviews

Varanasi is a land of many faiths, a myriad of colors, smells & sounds, a cocktail of tastes and a melting pot of beauti...

Duration:4 to 5 hours


5:hours Private Evening Ganga Aarti

(6) Reviews

Overview Varanasi the city of Ghats is known in the world for its beautiful Ghats, Century old Temple. Here Hind...

Duration:5 hours


Immerse yourself in Varanasi's essence. 2 Days Tour

(21) Reviews

If you have two days to experience Varanasi this program is perfectly adapted to your needs!From morning to night, f...

Duration:2 days


Morning Boat with old part of city

(24) Reviews

You will experience amazing morning of the city with boat ride, during it also experience sun rise, pilgrim bathing, old...

Duration:2 to 4 hours


The Heritage City Tour in Varanasi

(23) Reviews

Hello thereI am AMIT, I born and raised in Varanasi, India ! We work as a tour guide , we would like to show Varanas...

Duration:3 hours 30 minutes


Sarnath, the place of first ceremon of Budhha.

(3) Reviews

This place is one of four important places according to Buddhism, 1-Lumbini birth place, 2- enlightenment, 3- sarnath, 4...

Duration:2 to 4 hours


Private Tour of Varanasi with a Licensed Guide

(4) Reviews

For the safety & security of our guests we provide only licensed guides [Approved by Ministry of tourism government of I...

Duration:3 to 5 hours


Sunrise & Morning Down Town, Walking Tour. Daily Tour

(13) Reviews

Are you coming to Varanasi for a short time and don't have many hours to experience the city? Here's the perfect tour fo...

Duration:6 hours


Single Walking Tour. Local culture, religion, traditions and more. Daily Tour

(18) Reviews

If you are not an early bird or if you want to exploring Varanasi after the sunrise and discover the magic down town thi...

Duration:3 to 4 hours


Village Tour

(2) Reviews

India is a agricultural country. In this tour you will experience how over 70% people of India survive there life in vil...

Duration:3 to 4 hours


Guiding based tour in Varanasi, India

(6) Reviews

The main attraction of varanasi is river Ganges and surrounding. This tour covers everything. Boat ride at the time of s...

Duration:2 days


Southern City Walk : A walking tour in Varanasi.

(2) Reviews

A walking tour in Varanasi to understand its cultural diversity. We will be talking about different aspects of Hindu cul...

Duration:3 hours


Varanasi Evening Walking Tour with Ganga Arti

(0) Reviews

This tour immerse you into the sense of importance paid to the River Goddess in Hindu Mythology. The quality of this exp...

Duration:3 to 4 hours


4-hours tour of Varanasi: Temples with Classical Dance & Ganges Aarti

(0) Reviews

Indulge in true culture and emerge in the true colors of Varanasi with this day tour which explores the most famous temp...

Duration:4 hours


Morning Boat Ride with Temples Tour

(5) Reviews

Benares is known as the City of Temples. This tour is recommended to startyour day by experiencing local people offe...

Duration:2 hours


Varanasi on Tuk Tuk (2 hours offbeat famous travel experience)

(0) Reviews

Outing on a TukTuk is a unique experience in itself, explore the attractions in the city, centuries old buildings, narro...

Duration:2 hours


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