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Cambridge Outdoor Escape Game Scholars and Secret Societies

(19) Reviews

Embark on a quest around Cambridge by solving clues to find a mysterious book before the King's army does, all on your s...

Duration:1 to 2 hours


Cambridge Hidden Gems Self-Guided Treasure Hunt and Tour

(2) Reviews

Self-guided Tour & Treasure Hunt Travel Experience- Over 100 destinations & challenges to explore- Kid frien...

Duration:4 hours


Participate in a Fun Scavenger Hunt in Cambridge by Operation City Quest

(0) Reviews

Operation City Quest of Cambridge is a great way to see the city! Use an app to submit photos of items you find around t...

Duration:2 hours


Explore Cambridge with a Unique Scavenger Hunt by Zombie Scavengers

(0) Reviews

Zombie Scavengers in Cambridge challenges your team to survive a zombie apocalypse! The game instructs you to find a var...

Duration:1 hour