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Silver Jewelry Making Class in Bali

(71) Reviews

Would you like to get more out of your Bali Experience..?The firts you can visit the galery or work at home and ...

Duration:5 hours


Ondox Silver Class Jewelry Ubud bali

(19) Reviews

Our silver class place is in Ceking rice terraces north of Ubud, you will very easily find online taxis such as Goojek o...

Duration:3 hours


Create your own handmade Batik painting

(90) Reviews

Batik Painting is a wonderful form of hand painting fabrics. The outline is delicately drawn out using hot wax. Then the...

Duration:3 hours


Jewelry Making Class in Sukawati

(20) Reviews

Located at Jl. Raya Celuk, Sukawati, the center of silver craftmanship in Bali, our class will cover certain techniques ...

Duration:3 hours


Bali Traditional Silver Jewelry Making Class

(7) Reviews

This tour offer you a truly unique experience. By spending of few hours at our local silver Smith classes, you will get ...

Duration:3 hours


Silver Class

(0) Reviews

Visit the studio of a silversmith family in Ubud and take a join-in jewelry class with the local instructor. Take a 10-g...

Duration:4 hours


Wood Carving Class

(3) Reviews

In this hands-on workshop participants are introduced to some of the basic concepts behind modeling objects in wood. You...

Duration:2 hours


Bali Silver Jewelry Class

(0) Reviews

One of the fun activity to do in Bali is to create a beautiful custom made piece of silver jewelry. 3 hour workshop clas...

Duration:3 hours


Silver Smith Class With Local Balinese

(2) Reviews

Our activity diffrent like other place because do activity at classic balinese country side,we have profesional teacher ...

Duration:3 hours


2 Hours Silver Jewelry Class in Celuk Art Village

(1) Reviews

Celuk is a famous village in Bali as silver craftsmen, most of the people of this village they understand in the silver ...

Duration:2 hours


Bali Weaving Class: Lontar Palm Leaf Craft

(0) Reviews

Having a holiday in Bali is a desired thing to do for every traveler around the world. Have you ever thought of trying a...

Duration:3 hours


Bali Cooking Class with Ubud Tour

(2) Reviews

This is is special program for poeple whos like to know and learn about balinese food. In this program we will explain a...

Duration:8 hours


Bali Sunrise Trekking with Cooking Class

(0) Reviews

This is really good program for you, you can do excercise by sunrise trekking and see how the beautiful of sunrise in ba...

Duration:10 hours


Bali Silver Jewelry Class with Your Own Design for 3 Hours

(0) Reviews

Get knowledge about silver jewelry making from the silversmith in Celuk Village with starting from the introduction of t...

Duration:3 hours 30 minutes


Balinese Silver Jewelry Class Program in Celuk Village

(0) Reviews

Using 100% real silver in the process of making classy silver jewelry and a 7.5% copper mixture which results in a purit...

Duration:2 hours