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Varanasi - Sightseeing Tours and Activities

Varanasi - Sightseeing Tours and Activities

One of the cities in the Indian northern state, Varanasi is considered as India’s spiritual capital where pilgrims travel to the sacred Ganges River to bathe and cleanse spiritually. This is also a popular site for funeral rites. The city offers different sightseeing tours and activities to enjoy, including around 2,000 temples, including the “Golden Temple”, dedicated to the Hindu god, Shiva. Other top things to do while vacationing here are going on a morning boat ride on the Ganges River and strolling down the winding streets of the old city of Varanasi, just two kilometers back from the river. You will never run out of great places to explore in Varanasi.

Varanasi Temples & Ganges River Cruise 3-Day Private Tour

(86) Reviews

We will be part of a perfect, sacred and wonderful journey during our 3-day Private trip to Varanasi. We will allow you ...

Duration:3 days


The Ultimate 1 Day in Varanasi - How to Spend 13 Hours - Private Guided Tour

(81) Reviews

Early morning we will be taken for a boat ride on the Ganges. It is a mystical and spiritual experience as you watch peo...

Duration:10 to 13 hours


2 Days Varanasi tour package for first timers

(32) Reviews

You’ll always remember your first time in Varanasi. From sunrise boat rides to participation in evening prayer ceremony ...

Duration:2 days


One Day Admirable tour in Varanasi Private Guided Tour

(77) Reviews

Travelers very short on time cover whole Varanasi will get benefit from many highlights. all rolled into one day tour. 5...

Duration:12 to 14 hours


3 Days Private Enchanting Varanasi Tour

(57) Reviews

Varanasi Tour Package, extremely unique. this is because it includes all the essential features that are indispensable f...

Duration:3 days


Complete tour of varanasi with official guide

(39) Reviews

It is complete tour of varanasi does not take time less than 13hours. But will be done in one day , starts morning and g...

Duration:13 to 16 hours


Pilgrimage & History: Prayagraj Day Trip from Varanasi

(3) Reviews

Embark on a spiritual journey to Prayagraj from Varanasi on this day trip, accompanied by a knowledgeable guide. Witness...

Duration:6 to 9 hours


One day Varanasi tour - Private & Guided

(82) Reviews

Experience the essence of Varanasi in a single unforgettable day with our meticulously curated one-day tour. This conden...

Duration:10 to 12 hours


Varanasi Morning Boat Tour [RowBoat]

(51) Reviews

Boating down the Ganges River during sunrise is one of the main attractions in Varanasi. We can observe here the Hindu w...

Duration:3 hours


Varanasi Landmark Evening City Tour - Aarti, Boating & Witnessing the GOD

(131) Reviews

It’s a city with deep cultural experience, The scared river of Ganga preserve the memory of thousands years in her mothe...

Duration:3 hours


Same day Bodhgaya tour from Varanasi

(6) Reviews

Same day guided visit to Bodhgaya from VaranasiThe crucible of Buddhism, Bodhgaya was where Prince Siddhartha at...

Duration:14 hours


3 Days Admirable Tour in Varanasi with private tour guided

(63) Reviews

Join our tour and we will show you Varanasi's highlights all rolled into this three-day tour. We will do the boat ride o...

Duration:3 days


Banaras Wala Tours

(239) Reviews

My name is Vinay Singh, I was born in Varanasi and have led tours here for nearly 10 years. My experience has made me th...

Duration:3 to 4 hours


Hidden Secrets of Varanasi: Vibrant Tradition (Guided Tour)

(214) Reviews

We are local guides. Our families have lived for many generations in Varanasi allowing us to know every hidden corner of...

Duration:3 hours


Immerse yourself in Varanasi's essence. 2 Days Tour

(14) Reviews

If you have two days to experience Varanasi this program is perfectly adapted to your needs!From morning to night, f...

Duration:2 days


Private Varanasi Guided Tour with Boat Ride

(14) Reviews

Explore varanasi - a city full of treasures and secrets. A city of unique faiths and beliefs, fascinating rituals and cu...

Duration:3 hours


2 Days Bodhgaya Tour from Varanasi

(0) Reviews

It's an all inclusive tour, with a private vehicle available for you on disposal, and a local guide available from Bodhg...

Duration:2 days


Experience Varanasi Tour: 2 Days Private Guided Tour

(53) Reviews

The Experience Varanasi tour is an endeavor to connect the tourist with the city. It aims to acclimatize the Guest with ...

Duration:2 days


Buddhism Tour of Sarnath

(0) Reviews

Hello dearWelcome to Banaras Trip and Tours. Sarnath is a one of the 3rd important place of Buddhism after Lumba...

Duration:4 hours


Varanasi Evening Ganga Aarti Tour

(38) Reviews

Evening boat ride followed by Ganga Aarti: Evening boat ride will be the best option to visit cremation place and after ...

Duration:3 to 4 hours


3 Days Varanasi Tour Package for First Timers

(24) Reviews

Discover the enchanting beauty of Varanasi with our 3-day tour package, which combines affordability with pure delight. ...

Duration:2 days 12 hours


Tour of the Villages of Varanasi (Guided Sightseeing Tour by Car)

(2) Reviews

“The soul of India lies in its villages” as said by Mahatma Gandhi, and this tour is just the right approach to discover...

Duration:8 hours


Marigold Boat Tour in Varanasi

(47) Reviews

We provide beautiful sun rise boat trip which is beauty of Varanasi And we explained everything about our culture and hi...

Duration:1 to 2 hours


Death & Rebirth Experience by walk

(12) Reviews

In our service guests will experience the real life, death and rebirth experience. In around a kilometer distance they e...

Duration:3 hours


Varanasi Street Food Crawl (2 Hours Guided Food Tasting Tour)

(52) Reviews

Varanasi is known for its ancient food culture that is still alive & visit to Varanasi is incomplete without trying the ...

Duration:2 hours


Evening Aarti of Mother Ganga

(20) Reviews

This tour will experience you life and death in this city. The manikarnika ghat is famous for eternal flame of shiva whi...

Duration:3 to 4 hours


Full Day Private Guided Tour of Varanasi

(1) Reviews

On a unique one-day private and guided trip, go off on an amazing excursion through the magical city of Varanasi. Get re...

Duration:10 hours


Photo Tour In Holy Varanasi

(44) Reviews

“In this experience, we will explore some of Varanasis most amazing temples, architecture and people.I will teac...

Duration:4 hours


The Heritage City Tour in Varanasi

(19) Reviews

Our guide can speaks fluent English, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, etc. An experienced and knowledgeable guide. We introdu...

Duration:3 hours 30 minutes


A Journey of A lifetime

(189) Reviews

FEEL THE CITY DIFFERENTLYTRANSFORMATIONAL JOURNEY The Best Way to Explore Varanasi is Through Walk We Offers...

Duration:3 hours


Varanasi - Sightseeing Tours and Activities

If you want to learn more about Hindu and other kinds of religions, you won't go wrong with spending your vacation in Varanasi. It's considered to be the spiritual capital of India since it's an important location for several religions. The Buddha gave his first sermon here around 528 BC, and the city has continued to play a big role in the development of Buddhism ever since. Varanasi is one of seven sacred sites in Hinduism and Jainism, and it became a center of Hindu theology and intellect during the Middle Ages. The city also had contributed to the beginnings of Sikhism and had been influenced by Islam when it came under the rule of Muslim Mughal emperors.

With these in mind, it's not surprising that Varanasi has been at the top of Must-Visit lists both for locals and tourists. Read on to learn more about what to expect when you travel to this city.

Sightseeing places to visit in Varanasi

One of the first things you'll want to do when you arrive is to visit the city's religious buildings. There are lots of Islamic mosques and Hindu temples and ghats in the area, so take the time to explore them, marvel at their architecture, and learn more about their history. Don't worry about getting lost; there are signposts along the way, and you can always follow the ghats to find your hotel or at least the street that it's on.

After taking a sightseeing tour of these land-based structures, you can visit the markets and shopping malls in the city and browse through the jewelry, rugs, carpets, saris, silk clothing, and other products. Varanasi is well-known for its silk weaving industry, so you'll most likely get high-quality fabrics with bursts of vibrant colors.

Things to do and activities in Varanasi

  • Check out the temples, mosques, and other religious and historical buildings in the city.
  • Book a boat trip on the Ganges River. This is a great way to see the numerous shrines and temples along the river while enjoying magnificent views. Make sure to book a morning boat ride so you can enjoy your trip while the sun isn't too hot.
  • Observe the traditional rituals that locals and pilgrims perform. Many Hindus go to Varanasi to bath in the holy Ganges River and wash away their sins, while others visit the city to cremate their dead relatives.

Top attractions in Varanasi

  • Kashi Vishvanath Temple - Dedicated to Lord Shiva, the Kashi Vishvanath Temple is one of the most famous temples in Varanasi and one of the 12 holiest temples of Shiva (known as Jyotirlingas). Travel experts recommend bringing your passport as well as an offering to ensure you can enter the temple.
  • Ramnagar Fort and Museum - The fort and palace was built in the 17th century, and they house an eccentric collection of items (including a jewel-covered sedan chair). Make sure to visit the place in the afternoon to enjoy a breathtaking view as the sun sets over the Ganges River.
  • Manikarnika Ghat - There are lots of ghats in Varanasi, but you won't want to miss Manikarnika Ghat. It's considered to be the main burning ghat, so cremations often happen here. If you want to observe the traditional Hindu way of cremating a body, this is the place to be.

Varanasi sightseeing tours and activities

Varanasi is a great destination for those who want to gain a deeper understanding of religion and spirituality or learn more about Indian history and culture. Book your Varanasi Sightseeing Tours and Activities and start planning your vacation!

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