Sigiriya Holiday Packages

Sigiriya Holiday Packages

Sigiriya, Sri Lanka is close to Dambulla in Central Province located in Matale District of Sri Lanka. A most visited historic site in Sri Lanka, Sigiriya is a UNESCO World Heritage site.  If your are thinking of visiting Sri Lanka on a holiday, read on to know more about this destination and why you must make Sigiriya a part of your Sri Lanka Holiday package.

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Destination Guide

Sigiriya - Holiday Tour Packages

Sigiriya, Sri Lanka is an ancient rock fortress that is located in the Matale District near Dambulla in the Central Province of Sri Lanka. It name refers to a place of archaeological and historical importance that is dominated by a huge column of rock that is about 200 meters in height, which is known as Sihagiri or the Lion Rock. After the royal palace and the capital was abandoned after the king’s death, the structure was then transformed as a Buddhist monastery until the 14th century. 

Today, Sigiriya is a UNESCO World Heritage Site as a best-preserved example of ancient urban planning. In fact, it is the most visited historic site in the island country. With these things said, it is a perfect spot during your Sri Lanka vacation.

Top places to visit in Sigiriya

When visiting Sigiriya, you will find some ruins of an upper palace that is situated on top of the rock and a mid-level terrace that includes the Mirror Wall and the Lion Gate. There are also the lower palaces situated behind the lower gardens, as well as ramparts and moats that protected the citadel. To the west side, you will find a royal park that was laid out on a symmetrical plan containing water-retaining structures. To the south is a man-made reservoir that was extensively used by the previous capital. Among the most important aspects of the site are the gardens, as they are among the world’s oldest landscaped gardens. They are divided into 3 distinct forms, including the terraced gardens, cave and boulder gardens, and water gardens.                    

Top things to do in Sigiriya

Here are the activities that will make for a complete visit in this fortress: 

  • Take an eco-cultural tour - This activity will take you on a wildlife and cultural expedition that allows you to explore the fauna in Sigiriya. Take note that this is not offered during the low seasons.
  • Experience the “elephant voyage” - Within 10 kilometers of Sigiriya, you will be able to experience the “elephant voyage”, which is offered near the Habarana Inn. 


Top attractions and landmarks in Sigiriya

Here are the attractions to see on a holiday in this wonderful fortress: 

  • Sigiriya Museum - This museum showcases engaging and detailed displays, with a fine diorama of the site. It provides an excellent overview that explains the cultural importance of Sigiriya.
  • Royal Gardens - The Sigiriya complex includes beautifully landscaped water gardens, boulder gardens and terraced gardens. These gardens are a perfect spot to explore the fortress away from the crowds and just enjoy the sounds of the flowing water and the birds.
  • Mirror Wall - This wall is made of brick masonry and polished with white plaster. It contains verses that date back to as early as the 8th century.


Sigiriya holiday packages

To create the perfect itinerary for Sigiriya and enjoy all the things it has to offer, book your Sri Lanka holiday packages with us here at La Vacanza Travel. Enjoy your trip and stay safe!

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