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Sports Tour Packages
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Sports Tour Packages From India

There's a new kind of tourism that is quickly growing in popularity as more people choose to travel to engage in or watch matches and events like Football, Cricket, NBA, Tennis, Olympic, Asian games, Commonwealth games, Formula 1 races and much more. Sports as a reason to travel has been recognized by the tourism industry as sports tourism, and La Vacanza Travel is showing their support for this emerging type of tourism by offering all inclusive packages and calling it as sports tours.

Whether you want to engage in a sports event tourism where you watch hallmark events, in active sports tourism that involves watching different sporting events or matches in different places, or in nostalgia sports tourism where you visit famous sport-related attractions, La Vacanza Travel can make travel arrangements so you don't have to.

2019 Cricket World Cup'England and Wales

Discover England and Wales, cities of Manchester, Birmingham, Southampton, London, Nottingham, Cardiff, Leeds, Bristol, Taunton and more at the same time when you follow your favourite Cricket team or 'Team India'...

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Football World Cup, Qatar'2022

Discover Qatar, its unique Bedouin influenced Arabic culture, ultra luxury and highest standards of hospitality at the same time when you follow your favourite football team from the opening match...

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2018 Asia Cup'Dubai

Discover Dubai with its unlimited shopping opportunities. See the tallest building in the world - Burj Khalifa, sign-up for a desert safari, enjoy a romantic Marina cruise or visit Louvre, a theme park or a water park in Dubai or Abu Dhabi...

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Football World Cup, Russia 2018

Discover Russia, its 11 great cities, including Moscow and St Petersburg when you follow your favourite football team from the opening match, group matches to Quarter Finals, Semi Finals ...

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Images from some of our happy customers in Russia during Football Worldcup'2018

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Sports Tour Packages From India

Whether you want to engage in a sports event to watch hallmark events, in nostalgia sports tourism where you visit famous sport-related attractions like stadiums, or want to engage in active sports tourism that involves watching different sporting events like Football, Cricket, NBA, Tennis, Olympic, Asian games, Commonwealth games, Formula 1 races and much more. La Vacanza Travel can make travel arrangements so you don't have to.

In the recently concluded World Cup 2018(See User Images), for example, La Vacanza Travel offered one of the best sports tour packages for people in India. The tour package took travelers to 11 great cities in Russia, including Moscow and St Petersburg, and other places where their favorite football team is playing in.

Every tour included airlines tickets, visa fees for those who need visas, accommodation in Russia, Indian lunches and dinner (if required), and roundtrip transfers from the airport to your hotel and from your hotel to match venues and back.

Too bad you missed this amazing World Cup 2018 tour package.

Don’t worry, there are other sports tours we offer, such as the deep sea sport fishing in Punta Cana, Behind the Scenes Soccer Stadium Tour and a Pick-Up Soccer Game in Buenos Aires, and the Football Stadiums Tour - Superliga Argentina.

What We Guarantee

Comprehensive travel arrangements

Everything you need for a convenient and fun-filled sports tour we will handle so you don’t have to. We have access to vendors and sources in the sports industry, who can help us arrange your trip at the best price. Our Pick-Up Soccer Game sporting package, for example, covers all entrance fees, match tickets and is inclusive of all the necessary equipment.

Custom package

In the event that you’re looking for other inclusions to go with your sports tour package, just let us know. We will do everything possible to ensure your trip is exactly what you dreamed it will be. Your trip to Buenos Aires, for example, can come with Polo Lessons if you so desire. All necessary equipment will be provided and you will have a professional guide and driver with you.

Additional activities

Our sports tour packages go beyond watching games and sports events. This is especially true if you opt for private and custom tours. With your itinerary arranged in a way that there’s plenty of room to explore the local sights, you can engage in other activities you are interested in—city tour, private cooking lessons, tango lessons, museum tickets and so much more...Wherever a sports event takes you, you can always book sightseeing tours with it.

Sports Tours Unlike Any Other

La Vacanza Travel wants your sports tourism experience to be all about sports with a few extras on the side. This is evident in everything we do and include in our sporting package. Our Football World Cup Qatar' 2022 Tour Packages from India, for instance, offeres several tour arrangements.

  • Follow Your Team lets you follow your favorite team throughout the tournament so you never miss a game.
  • Round of 16 lets you watch the pre-quarter finals and see top players in action. If your team makes it to this stage, this sports tour is a perfect package.
  • Final Match, as the name suggests, takes you to where the most anticipated event is held and watch live as opposing teams battle it out.

Check out our sporting packages for more information.

Why should you book sports tours?

Sports tourism comes with many benefits, particularly in economic, environmental, and socio-cultural aspects. In general, it is beneficial to you and the host country in different ways.

Creates entertainment and opportunity

The biggest reason anyone would book a sports tour is to be entertained. Anyone who loves sports watch and participate in it for the love of the game.To aspiring players, following a game wherever it is held could open doors for an opportunity to be part of the team or league. It could provide valuable sports lessons as well and give them a glimpse of the excitement and glory that come with sports. For the people in the community, sports events, especially major ones, create jobs and many opportunities to boost their economic status.

Build community relationships

Have you seen countries bid against each other to be awarded the opportunity to host sporting events? It's a phenomenal event that every sport-loving fan watches, especially if the event in question happens to be their favorite. This brings the community together and creates a sense of pride for the country that is chosen as a host and its people. It can also regenerate and preserve cultural traditions.

As for visitors, sports tours provide a vehicle where they will know foreign people and their culture.

Increase community support for sports and sports events

If sports is not that popular locally or in a specific region, local and international attention on certain events are sure to raise awareness. Eventually, it will lead more people to appreciate sports.

Maximize facility use

Rather than let a fancy arena or stadium go to waste, it should be used to its full potential. Sports tourism will do just that. And, as what happened in most countries that hosted major sports events, such as the Olympics or the FIFA World Cup, a new stadium is created. This helps boost infrastructure and provide more room for playing sports.

Boost a host country's image

Sport tourism events bring in a positive impact to the community. Successful events often bring a lot of positive attention to the host country, boosting its reputation. Imagine being able to control a massive influx of crowd while preserving the local way of living and how the locals go about their daily lives.

Sporting events also leave legacies that offer long-term economic effect. Because next time other visitors visit the arena previously used for a specific tournament, it could be a part of the local attraction. There are other benefits that come with sports tours. But what is most important is that you get to follow your team in any destination and enjoy local sights at the same time without the hassle of arranging your trip all on your own.

If you want to make your next holiday sports-related, take a look at our sports tour packages. Contact La Vacanza Travel today and let us take you where the action is.