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Stellenbosch - Holiday Tour Packages from India

Stellenbosch is a town in the province of Western Cape in South Africa, specifically situated along the banks of the Eerste River, about 50 kilometers east of Cape Town. It is known as the “City of Oaks or Eikestad in Afrikaans and Dutch” because of the huge number of oak trees that were planted by Simon van der Stel, its founder, to grace its streets and homesteads. The town is home to Stellenbosch University and the Technopark, which is a modern science park. For your next vacation, you might want to consider this place as a destination.

Top places to visit in Stellenbosch

Stellenbosch is small enough to cover it on foot to discover the city, where a walking tour will let you have a glimpse of its fascinating colonial Dutch architecture. You can also explore its surrounding regions for its wines, which are known internationally and are ranked among the best in the world. Moreover, the city has a bustling night life during the university term-time, with many night clubs catering for a variety of people, so you might want to check these places out.

Top things to do in Stellenbosch

  • Learn about its oaks and wines - Through a friendly township tours, you will be able to look behind the scenes of the town’s oaks and wines. You can go to certain places and get introduced to the locals who will show you about the projects you want to know about.
  • Visit the vineyards - You can go to the Cape Winelands, where you will be guided and accommodated by helpful people to explore the place. What’s more, you will have the chance to experience whitewater rafting and other activities the place boasts of.
  • Try the local food - As you can see, there are many good restaurants in town that serves delicious local cuisine, especially the area around Church Street that is known as the local restaurant district.

Top attractions and landmarks in Stellenbosch

While there are many attractions in this town, make sure you do not miss the following for your holiday. 

  • Stellenbosch Museum - This museum is composed of a adjacent houses of historical interest, where each of them represents a different period in the architectural development of the city.
  • The Powder House - This place plays an important role in the history of the town. As you can see, gun powder, lead and flint were supplied to the inhabitants here in the past. To avoid damage to the city when an explosion would happen, this house was situated away from the main town.
  • Fick House - Here, you will find an excellent, well-preserved collection of traditional furniture, kitchen equipment and other old household items.
  • Theological Seminary - This was the first university-level institution in Stellenbosch that was established in 1859. It has a garden that contains two pines from Norfolk Island, which students sometimes like to climb.

Stellenbosch holiday packages

There are more ways to explore Stellenbosch, and all of them you can have by booking holiday packages with us here at La Vacanza Travel. Enjoy your trip!

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