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Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Abu Dhabi

Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Abu Dhabi

While Dubai is getting more attention than Abu Dhabi, there is one particular thing that it does not have that its wealthy neighbor has—the awe-inspiring Sheikh Zayed Mosque or the Grand Mosque, which is regarded as the key worship site in the United Arab Emirates. As you close in to the city, this mosque will greet you with visually appealing white marble, minarets and domes. A visit to this top attraction in Abu Dhabi will make you feeling enamored by its beautiful architecture and tranquil atmosphere. In fact, a holiday in the city would not be complete without a trip to this place.

Things to Keep in Mind Before the Tour

Visitors will be kindly asked to respect the religion of this country and the place of prayer, and this particularly involves dressing appropriately on arrival. Keep in mind the following dress code rules.

  • You should not wear see-through or transparent clothing.
  • Men should wear no shorts, and skirts for ladies should be ankle length. Wearing tight clothing and beach wear is also prohibited.
  • You are required to remove your shoes before entering, which means that you better wear slip-off shoes.
  • Ladies also need to wear headscarf, which are provided on arrival, and the traditional robe, also known as abaya. While you can have your own abaya, it should be closed and non-transparent.

In general, you need to be in conservative and modest clothing, or your entry will be denied.

Things to Keep in Mind During the Tour

Aside from wearing proper clothing, there are other things to keep in mind during your tour inside the mosque. It is best that you:

  • Join a tour. Basically, it is essential to join a tour to be able to better learn and understand the things inside the mosque, such as the world’s largest hand-knitted carpet and chandelier in a mosque. As the décor, architecture and materials here were chosen very deliberately, your guide can tell you all about it.
  • Remain respectful. Women should keep their hair covered, which is why they will be given a shaila. Also, you should refrain from making any display of affection, which means that there will be no kissing, holding hands, touching or even posing together for photographs, as these gestures are deemed unacceptable in a Muslim place of worship.
  • To respect other worshippers, you should stay within permitted areas and not roam around freely. Eating and smoking are strictly not allowed inside, and children should be supervised at all times.
  • Ask questions. A guided tour gives you the chance to ask questions, as your guide will be happy to entertain questions about the religion and culture of the place.
  • Do not touch the Quran. Remember that visitors are requested not to touch the Holy Book, as well as other elements in the main prayer hall.

Ensuring a Memorable Experience

A visit to the Sheikh Zayed Mosque could be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, giving you the chance to learn the religion and culture of the country. To make sure that your trip will be enjoyable, memorable and enlightening, gather more tips from us here at La Vacanza Travel.

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