Desert Safari, Dubai

Desert Safari, Dubai

A desert safari is a perfect adventure you can have during your Dubai holiday. Through it, you can admire the spectacular sights and scenery as you drive across the red dunes and end it with delicious food and traditional entertainment.

What to Expect

Typically, you will be picked up from your chosen location by a tour representative and then taken to the point where you will begin your safari. You will then spend adventurous time, from minutes to hours, of hard dune bashing, heading towards your designated desert camp. While at the camp, you will then be able to experience a camel ride, watch a show that includes traditional dancing and even try out the traditional henna hand decoration of the East.

Other activities you can join are hookah, quad biking, sand art display, falcon photography and many more, depending on what your tour agency provides. When all the activities are over, you will then be driven back to the location of your choice.

Must Do’s

First and foremost, you must bring with you a camera when going to a desert safari in Dubai, as you will be passing breathtaking and awesome views and scenery. You should also wear comfortable clothes and avoid wearing or carrying an expensive watch, jewelry or a smartphone, as there will be no signal at the camp. 

As for the activities, you should not miss sand-skiing, though you are most probably experience this because this is a very popular part of a desert safari in Dubai. You can get to ski from the highest dunes, which will be a thrilling experience you will have on your trip. Another popular activity in a Dubai safari is the camel trek. Typically, you are going to experience this heading back to your camp, where you can enjoy the sunset while on a high dune.

This will be a more personal way to experience the desert, where you can get a glimpse of the strange desert insects and vegetation. Moreover, make sure you try to shake your belly with the belly dancer and drink the Arabic coffee at the camp.

Safety Tips

Your drivers will be licensed and professionals, as well as trained in first aid, so you do not have to worry about minor injuries, which we hope we will not have, of course. As for the vehicles, they are fitted with roll cages to protect you from being injured in case of a roll-over, which is very rare. Plus, you will be insured from the moment you enter the vehicles, as they are covered with insurance. 

Package Inclusions

No matter which safari provider or package you choose, there are offerings that are always included. These include dune driving, camel ride, entertainment shows, BBQ, water, soft drinks coffee and tea, henna and snacks upon your arrival at the camp.

Evening Safari

You can also take an evening safari for a different experience. In fact, this can be considered a must for anybody who is visiting Dubai, as this is one activity you would not be able to do at home!


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