The Wailing Wall | Western Wall

The Wailing Wall | Western Wall

Located within the Old City of Jerusalem and connected to the Temple Mount, the Wailing Wall is an important holy site for the Jews. It is one of the tourist attractions in Jerusalem that draws crowds from all over the world.

Some of them curious, some of them religious, and some of them simply want to pray, writing it on a slip of paper and inserting it in different fissures on the wall.

Do you want to do the same thing, pray in the same way? Regardless of your religious affiliation, a tour around the Western Wall is a spiritual experience. Make sure you don’t miss out during your vacation in Jerusalem.

Usually, a part of sightseeing tours around Jerusalem, a visit to this wall will last 20 minutes. You can then explore other attractions nearby. Of course, you have the option to stay longer, especially if you book a private tour.

For your convenience and peace of mind, have your itinerary taken care of by La Vacanza. Contact today so you don’t need to research what you need to do and where to go to get to the Western Wall.


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