Archaeological Museum Thrissur, Kerala

Archaeological Museum Thrissur, Kerala

Presently located in close proximity to the Thrissur Zoo, this archaeological museum was previously accommodated in Thrissur’s town hall building campus and was moved to the Thrissur Kollengode Palace, which displays architectural excellence that delights visitors of all ages on Kerala Holiday as well as a good number of murals that were collected from across the state of Kerala in India. 

A few among the huge collection of the Archaeological Museum Thrissur include a rare treasure of Veerakallu (hero stones), which comprises miniature temple models that are made up of plaster of Paris; a variety of manuscripts that were written on dry palm leaves known as Ola Grandhangal; and megaliths. 

Basically, the Veerakallu are stone sculptures, stone engravings and weapons that belonged to the great heroes of the past, with majority of them discovered from both Thrissur and Wayanad forests. As for the megalith collection, it is composed of variously sized and shaped earthen pots, urns and similar objects.

After you visit the beaches, backwaters, sanctuaries and temples, this museum is definitely a good place to be to know about the region’s history.

It is open all year round, except on Mondays and national holidays. When planning your trip, do it accordingly to make sure you can see this museum and cultural programs in Thrissur.

Western Coast of India (15 Days)

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