Arts and Crafts of Kerala

Arts and Crafts of Kerala

The state of Kerala in India is generally admired by tourists from around the world because of its scenic backwaters, splendid beaches and beautiful hill stations. But aside from its enchanting scenic beauty, the state is also revered for its rich cultural heritage that has been kept alive through its handicraft. Now, to get the best opportunities to learn about the arts and crafts of this beautiful place, make sure to choose the best Kerala holiday packages.

The Beauty and Uniqueness of Keralan Arts and Crafts

The Keralan arts and crafts best portray the cultural heritage of the place, having a fine combination of Aryan and Dravidian influences and coming in the forms of ritual arts, performing arts and martial arts. These vibrant art forms are done immaculately captivating visitors and audiences with an ethereal experience.

One of the most popular art forms in the state is performing arts, which include the oldest Sanskrit theatre, called Kutiyattam); the classical dance form, called Kathakali; the unique martial art form, known as Kalarippayattu; and the rustic Theyyam, all of which will leave viewers spellbound with endless fascination. 

Among these forms, Kathakali is the one that is most popular, even making Kerala is renowned worldwide for it. It is an enchanting mix of drama, dance and music that has been regarded by art connoisseurs as a total art form of immense power and sophistication. 

Other well-known performing arts of the state are Mohiniyattam, Bharata Natyam, Chakyar Koothu, Ottam Thullal, Chavittunadakam, Loodiyattom, Theyattu and Poorakkali.

As this is a place where coconut grows in abundance, many of the handicraft items here are carved and woven around this tree. Some of the coconut products available on the Keralan markets include polished coconut ashtrays, floor mats, coir carpets and wall hangings.

Aside from coconut products, there are also some unique and beautiful handicraft items in Kerala, such as jewelry, cast bell metal works, granite idols, wood carvings, lamp stands, reed mats, flower vases, bags, metal mirrors and wooden furniture, which are made by excellent local artisans. The beautiful metal mirrors and oil lamps a crafts that are only made in the state and are considered among the finest specimens of the rich arts and crafts industry in India. So, anywhere  you go in Kerala, you will definitely find great souvenirs and trinkets that you can bring home with you.

As for the ritual arts of Kerala, they have always been patronized by the rulers of the state, from the past kings to those who led the later democratic governments.

Where to Shop

There are many places where you can shop for arts and crafts in Kerala, and among the most popular include the East Fort Compound in Thiruvananthapuram, Mattancherry and Jew Street in Kochi, Spice Market at Court Road in Kozhikode and the Shristhi Welfare Centre in Munnar. 

Aside from shopping for handicraft items, you can also experience the craft yourself by learning how to make the products, such as making halwa, spinning yarns and crafting urus.

Getting the Most Out of an Arts and Crafts Tour in Kerala

To get the most out of your experience in this place, book Kerala tour packages with us here at La Vacanza Travel.

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