Aruvikkuzhi Waterfalls, Kerala

Aruvikkuzhi Waterfalls, Kerala

This location is popular sightseeing spot in the state of Kerala, India, which can be reached through 2 kilometers of trail that includes a mud path from Kumarakom, which is a small village that is known even outside the bounds of the country for its ambient backwaters and genuine house boats. 

Now, a visit to the Aruvikkuzhi Waterfalls is truly an added plus for those who arrive at this region for backwater rides during their Kerala Holiday.

Small but pretty, the waterfalls are inviting enough for Kumarakom tourists to take a short break (maybe at least a couple of hours) or even a half day of picnicking. 

At this place, you will see water cascading down about a hundred feet from a rocky terrain, which is also bound with refreshingly scenic surroundings that are ideal for short nature walks or treks. 

It has a green backdrop of rubber plantations, which are home to some species of birds and complemented by the sparkle of meandering streams. And if you are truly a bird lover, Kumarakom is definitely a great place to be, considering that it is a bird haven with green canopies, wetlands and backwaters. A trip to the waterfalls goes well with a visit to the nearby Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary.

For the best time to visit the waterfalls in your vacation to Kerala, it would be immediately after the monsoon season, which is September onwards.

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