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Ayurveda in Kovalam, Kerala

Ayurveda in Kovalam, Kerala

Coming from the words “ayus”, which means life, and “veda”, which means science, Ayurveda is regarded as one of the oldest organized systems of medicine that is believed to date back about 5 thousand years ago. In fact, early history asserts that this treatment’s fundamental and applied principles was organized and enunciated around 1500 BC. 

In this historical construction, Ayurveda traces its origins to be connected to the Hindu religion and coming from the Vedas, specifically Adharvaveda, which is one of the four most ancient books of Indian culture, wisdom and knowledge, containing more than a hundred formulations and hymns for treating diseases. In this aspect, this form of health practice is regarded by many people to have a divine origin, making it very popular across many regions in India, especially Kovalam.

By getting this treatment, you will learn how to live in a natural and true balance, which is not only limited to the proper functioning of your mind, body and soul, but it also extends further in establishing natural and balanced relationships with nature as a whole, stressing the concept of balance in healing and wellness. To experience this treatment at its best, you should make it a part of your holiday in Kovalam. When booking your trip, check out a Kerala tour package here at La Vacanza Travel.


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