Eco Tourism in Kerala

Eco Tourism in Kerala

Eco-tourism is a growing sector in the tourist industry in Kerala, India, which has taken off substantially as the state has made numerous of its regions known to the world for their exquisite landscapes and natural beauty. As it is one of the greenest tourist destinations in the country, the state has become a perfect hub for promoting eco-tourism in a big way. When planning an eco-tour in the state, here are tips for choosing Kerala holiday packages.

Environmental Gems of Kerala

Kerala is known for having great coastal areas covered with coconut palms, paddy fields shimmering with the emerald green color of new shoots, tea and spice plantations blanketing hill ranges as far as your eyes can see, backwaters having rich ecosystems and many other natural gems that make for a great holiday for any traveler. The verdant beauty of the state is richly highlighted through its different eco-tourism destinations, such as the Western Ghats, hill stations, wildlife sanctuaries, valleys, jungles and nature parks. 

Top Eco-Tourism Destinations in Kerala

Among the best eco-tourism destinations in the state are the following: 

  • Thenmala - This destination has immense potential and scope for eco-tourism, with wide fields of greenery that do not only offer a refreshing atmosphere, but also a relaxing experience. There are also eco resorts here, where you will be able to enjoy a fresh whiff of air that is laden with the fragrant aroma of flowers and listen to the tunes of birds, while taking a walk around or sitting to sip some warm cups of tea.
  • Bhoothathan Kettu - Located near Kothamangalam in the Ernakulam District, this eco-tourism destination is an ideal getaway for those who really love nature. It offers you the perfect opportunity to enjoy nature with thick forests to trek in, a river for boating, birds to watch, a lake to fish in, rapids to shoot and many more. Other main draws here include the body of water formed by the construction of a barrage across the Periyar River and lands that are embraced by bamboo and evergreen forests.
  • Peruvannamoozhy - This is an ecological hotspot located in the Western Ghats that is home to more than 680 species of rare plants. It also has a spice garden, wild animal rehabilitation centre, snake park, crocodile farm, bird sanctuary, as well as spots for trekking and boating. There is also a reservoir for speedboat and rowboat cruises and some uninhabited islands, adding to the charm of the place.
  • Thekkady - Known for the Periyar Tiger Reserve, Thekkady has a people-oriented and community-based ecotourism, which means that programs are conducted by locals who are responsible for monitoring the vulnerable parts of the reserve and other nature areas in the region. Sprawling over an area of 777 square kilometers, the tiger reserve here is a true example of nature’s bounty, with rich bio-diversity and great scenic charm that provides genuine visitor satisfaction.

Booking an Eco-Tour for Kerala

Eco-tourism is basically about being sensitive to the surroundings and preserving nature, and the one in Kerala has held this concept true. For the best eco-tour itinerary in this beautiful Indian state, check out the Kerala tour packages here at La Vacanza Travel.

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