Fairs and Festivals in Kerala

Fairs and Festivals in Kerala

Life seems to be always a celebration in Kerala—that a close look at its calendar would reveal that there is a never-ending schedule of festivals here, which involves fleets of caparisoned elephants and other breathtaking visual wonders. When planning your itinerary or choosing Kerala holiday packages, it would be great to take note of the great fairs and festivals happening across the state.

The Most Popular Fairs and Festivals in Kerala

Among the many events taking place in this state, here are the ones that you should not miss: 

  • Deepavali - Meaning the “Festival of Lights”, Deepavali is a national festival that is observed on the preceding day of the New Moon in the Malayalam month of Thulam, from October to November. There is a lot of legends associated  with this event, where come people say that it is a celebration of the victory of Sree Krishna over the demon Narakasura, while others say that it is the day when Sree Rama returned from exile. Highlights include special devotional rites to Lakshmi, houses being lit with rows of small oil lamps, fireworks displays and an entire day of feasting.
  • Thrissur Pooram - This event is one of the most famous temple festivals in the state that has been celebrated for more than 2 centuries at the Vadakkunnathan Temple each year during the month of Medam or April. It is celebrated, involving religion, music and color to worship Lord Shiva. Highlights include a pageant of caparisoned elephants; participation of the Paramekavu and Thiruvambadi Temples; changing of umbrellas from hands to hands (kudamattam); drumming with chendamelain; playing of other musical instruments; and spectacular fireworks displays.
  • Champakulam Boat Race - Kerala is famous all over the world for offering backwater rides and boat races, and one of the most popular of these races is the Champakulam Boat Race, which takes place on the River Pamba during the Moolam Day of the Malayalam month of Midhunam, when the day the deity at the Ambalappuzha Sree Krishna Temple was installed took place. This boat festival is enhanced by the different boat sizes, the team spirit and enthusiasm among participants and the cheering of people all around the place. Other highlights include spectacular water floats, a ceremonial water procession, singing of the folk song of the oarsmen or Vanchipattu and the presentation of the chundanvallom, which is a snake boat that is more than 100 feet in length.
  • Onam - This is one of the biggest Hindu festivals in Kerala that is celebrated for 10 days with huge devotions every September. One of the striking features of this event is the Kathakali dance, boat races, indoor and outdoor games, and singing. It is celebrated to mark the homecoming of King Mahabali, who was one of the past rulers of Kerala.

Experiencing the Fairs and Festivals in Kerala  

Remember that festival dates in this beautiful state are decided according to the Malayalam calendar, as well as the local customs and traditions. To know which fairs and festivals that you will be able to take part on your vacation here, check out the Kerala tour packages that we offer here at La Vacanza Travel.


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