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Guruvayoor Temple, Kerala

Guruvayoor Temple, Kerala

This is a Hindu temple in Kerala, India that is dedicated to the god Krishna, who is an avatar of the god Vishnu. It is regarded as one of the most important places of worship for Hindus in the state, considering that it is referred to as Bhuloka Vaikunta, which means the holy abode of Vishnu on Earth.

The Guruvayoor Temple Kerala is also one of the most important and sacred pilgrim centers in the state, with the main attraction being the historic Sree Krishna Temple, which is regarded as the Dwaraka of the South and is shrouded in mystery. Many people believe that this temple is created by Vayu, who is the god of the winds, and Guru, who is the preceptor of the gods.

Among the most noticeable features of the temple include the eastern NADA, which is its main entrance; the 33.5-meter-high gold-plated flag post, known as Dwajasthambam, which is located in the outer enclosure or Chuttambalam; and the 7-meter-high pillar of lamps known as Deepasthambam, whose 13 circular receptacles offer a truly gorgeous spectacle when they are lit. 

There are also a square Sreekovil, which is the temple’s sacred sanctum sanctorum that houses the main deity, as well as images of Lord Ayyappa, Ganapathy and Edathedathu Kavil Bhagavathy, which devotees see and make offerings for healing. Take note that during your Kerala Vacation a visit inside of Guruvayoor Temple Kerala is allowed only for Hindus.


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