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Kappad Beach, Kerala

Kappad Beach, Kerala

Locally known as Kappakkadavu, this pleasant stretch of rock-studded shoreline is one of the most charming beaches in the state of Kerala, India and features in most of the Kerala Holiday Packages

The Kappad Beach has been mentioned in history as the gateway to the Malabar Coast, it was here that 170 men led by the Portuguese navigator Vasco da Gama sailed in on May 27, 1498 and then stepped into the state to create a new chapter in history, establishing a long socio-political relationship between India and Europe. 

Due to its spices and wealth, the region also attracted other groups of people, including the Arabs, Greeks, Phoenicans, Romans, Dutch and the English, which made Kappad as witness to many landings and Kozhikode the most important trade center of the Malabar region. 

Today, there is only a little stone monument that is left at this beach to tell the story of its great historical importance. There is also a temple, which is believed to be 800 years old, situated on the rocks nearby.

For tourists on a vacation to Kerala, this beach and the seafaring town are a favorite destination where the best way to reach Kappad, is through the backwaters. 

Uncrowded and unspoiled, this picturesque place offers a bewitching experience to both local and foreign tourists.

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