Kerala Backwaters

Kerala Backwaters

The Kerala Backwaters is composed of a network of about 1,500 kilometers of both natural and man-made canals, 5 big lakes that extend from one end of the state to the other and 38 rivers. 

Being unique to the state, this region has become one of the major tourist destinations in India, offering a rejuvenating experience for travelers, while serving as one of the main transportation alleys in the state. 

You can explore the Backwaters by hiring a boat for one, two or several days, which means that you will be accompanied by a navigator and a cook, which provide you with the services that you will need during the trip. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing Kerala holiday packages.

Things to Do in the Kerala Backwaters

These activities will make your vacation worthwhile and memorable:

  • Cruise on a houseboat - Houseboat cruises are one of the most popular tourist activities in the Backwaters with large traditional rice boats which were converted into floating hotels or locally known as kettu-vallams. Though yachts and large cruisers also ply on these waters, the perfect way to experience the place would be on these traditional houseboats. While on board, you can relax and enjoy some amenities of a 5-star and get glimpses of the beautiful surroundings amidst lush greenery at the same time. The unique combination of the pristine waters and the houseboat will offer you a great experience that you would cherish throughout your life.
  • Tour through the villages - Aside from cruising on a houseboat, you can also tour through the villages along the narrower Kerala backwaters. Some of the most recommended options to do this activity are: kayaking, which are offered as guided tours, along with cycling around the villages; a shikara cruise, which uses motorized boats that are less expensive than houseboats and are able to get through narrower canals; and an island canoe tour, with the most popular of this trip being the one on Monroe Island.
  • Experience the village life along the Backwaters - For a complete experience in the Kerala Backwaters, you should visit villages along it and get a real experience of the traditional life of the people here. This will give you the chance to hear stories from the local families, enjoy a meal with them, walk through rice paddies and even learn the way to farm Kerala-style.
  • Try the local cuisine - For a quintessential holiday experience in Kerala, you should not miss out on trying the best local food the state has to offer. Well, a freshly cooked Indian cuisine, along with chilled beer, will make your cruising experience even more enjoyable!

Getting Around the Kerala Backwaters

Typically, boating is the best way to explore the region, specifically on a houseboat, mechanized ferry and a traditional country-side canoe. However, the region is also inter-connected by bridges and walk-bridges, so you can also explore the region by walking or cycling.

Making the Most of Your Holiday

To make it easy to plan and create your itinerary in this wonderful place, you can check out the Kerala tour packages that we offer here at La Vacanza Travel.

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