Spice Plantations in Kerala

Spice Plantations in Kerala

Popularly dubbed as God’s Own Country, Kerala is a favorite destination in India among holidaymakers as well as business travelers. While this tropical paradise is most sought after for its fascinating backwaters, dense tropical forests, spectacular coasts and cliffs, amazing still bays and astounding radiant rivers, there is also one thing that visitors from all over the world really love about this place—its spice plantations. Here are some tips to take into account when choosing Kerala holiday packages for visiting these plantations.

Taking the Spice Trail in Kerala

For a great tour of the spice plantations in this lovely Indian state, you can head to these areas:

  • Kumily - As you take a stroll along the streets of Kumily, especially on the winding pathways in its plantations, one thing that would strike you first would be the lingering spicy aroma in the air. This is produced by the combination of scents of the many spices that grow here, including nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon, pepper and cardamom. As you can see, the climate and geographic setting of this place make it an ideal location for spice cultivation.
  • Thekkady - While the mention of the name of the place would conjure up images of the Tiger Reserve, limitless rolling hills and elephants, there are also spice scented plantations here. Among the most popular products in Thekkady are pepper and cardamom, aside from tea and coffee, which are grown in picturesque plantations and hill towns, which also offer great opportunities for mountain walks and trekking.
  • Anakkara - Nested in the sylvan hills of Western Ghats, Anakkara is covered by an immense green carpet of spice plantations that sweep over its valleys and hills, creating an impressive profile for themselves. The expansive and loamy plantations here are seen alongside natural vegetations, which are also primary attractions offering a natural splendor of rich and varied flora, as well as a great cultural heritage. The main product of the plantations here is cardamom, which is unrivalled among all the spices of the east when it comes to aroma, texture, flavor and use. Aside from the spices, another intriguing feature of this place is the mist clad valleys and hills, as well as the cascading high cliffs that provide a panoramic view of the Tamil Nadu plains. There are also spots that provide picturesque picnic opportunities in a balanced ecosystem.
  • Munnar - Munnar cultivates over 12 varieties of spices, including garlic, ginger, vanilla, cardamom, cinnamon, pepper, nutmeg and clove. The plantations here are ideal to wander about because of the lush vegetation that is grown in different farm sections. You can even have a taste of the various spices that are being grown here, while enjoying a breath of fragrant air.

Getting the Best Itinerary When Visiting the Spice Plantations in Kerala

Kerala has captivating spice plantations that you can explore. While there, you can take some nature walks, watch birds and even trek. With proper planning, you will have a fun and memorable trip visiting the spice plantations in this beautiful place of India. Check out the Kerala tour packages that we have here at La Vacanza Travel for the best deals.

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