USA Holiday Packages

USA Holiday Packages

If you want to enjoy the American experience in the very sense of the word, you’ll need to choose more than just one holiday packages and tours. After all, the USA is divided between North and South, with every city offering something different and exciting for tourists, from redwood forests, massive rock formations, snow-covered peaks, and big open skies. The possibilities for excitement and adventure are just endless. Make sure to visit Chicago, New York City, Miami, Boston, Las Vegas, LA, Texas, Orlando, and many others. For a cultural experience, New Orleans is a great place to start with. Speak to La Vacanza today to book your tour to the USA

Best of East Coast, America with New York, Washington DC and...


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Destination Guide

USA - Holiday packages and tours

The USA is home to the 3rd largest population in the world that resides in densely populated cities covering wide areas of suburbs and surrounded by vast, uninhabited natural lands. As the country has a history of massive immigration during the 17th century, it has become homogenous with various cultures, playing a very important role in the world’s cultural landscape.

It is known for having a wide array of tourist destinations that are known worldwide, ranging from natural wonders to record-breaking skyscrapers, making it the most ideal place for sightseeing and activities for the young and old alike. Here is information you can base upon when planning your US vacation or searching for holiday packages.

Places to visit in the USA

With over 10,000 cities, towns and villages, the country can offer a lot of places of interest in travel. For your trip, you can include Boston, which is known for its colonial history; Chicago, which is the heart of the Midwest and the country’s transportation hub, with great architectural gems and massive skyscrapers; Las Vegas, which is a great place if you enjoy gambling; and Los Angeles, which is home of the film industry.

If you are into beaches, you should stop by Miami, which has tropical weather and attracts sun-seekers with its rich and vibrant Caribbean culture. If you are into music, do not miss New Orleans, which is known as the birthplace of jazz.  

Things to do in the USA

Aside from the usual city tours and shopping, there are more activities you can do to make your US trip more worthwhile.

  • Visit national parks - The country is home to national parks and natural wonders that you should visit. For example, you can see the mile-deep Grand Canyon from a helicopter, bus, raft, and the famous Skywalk, but it would be more enjoyable if you do it on foot. Remember to be prepared when exploring these places, as temperatures can be extreme, without facilities or water. However, there are many parks, such the Yellowstone Park, where you can really enjoy the outdoors and do camping, cycling, hiking, rafting, and many other outdoor activities. 
  • Have some relaxation at the beautiful beaches - The most popular US beaches include the Duke Kahananoku in Waikiki and the Caladesi Island State Park near Clearwater, Florida, not to mention those in Miami that have powder-white sand and blue waters. In some of the country’s beaches, you can snorkel, swim with dolphins and even watch whales as they pass by to migrate.
  • Ski - The USA is home to skiing resorts that have been attracting skiers and snowboarders from across the globe. There are even difficult slopes, such as the Rendezvous Mountain, for advanced skiers and those who really want to test their nerves on these terrains. 

Top attractions and landmarks in the USA

The US definitely has a lot to offer in terms of attractions, but among these places stand only a handful that is mostly visited by tourists all year round:

  • Times Square, New York City - This 5-block intersection has increasingly become family-friendly with its street performers, megastores, neon signs, and historic theaters. This is where you can find the 2007 New Year’s Eve Centennial Ball, specifically at its visitor center’s small museum.
  • Las Vegas Strip, Las Vegas - This is a 5-mile strip that counts an Eiffel Tower, a pyramid, a sphinx, a Venetian canal, a New York skyline, an Arc de Triomphe and a colorful medieval fairy-tale castle. Talk about world attractions in a single place!
  • Disneyland, Anaheim, California - This is a Disneyland that is regarded by many people to having better rides than others. For example, the Jungle Cruise here promises a boat-load of silliness with a real punster-captain, and the Pirates of the Caribbean is stated to be twice as long as its counterparts in other Disneylands.

USA Holiday packages

As you are planning the things to do for your US travel, check with us for holiday packages that include these places and activities. Stay safe on your trip!

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