Uzbekistan Holiday Packages

Uzbekistan Holiday Packages

Whether you want to know more about Central Asian history, culture, and architecture or simply explore a not-too-common destination, you’ll want to spend your vacation in Uzbekistan. This country has a lot to offer in terms of historical attractions, which isn’t really surprising since it has been Central Asia’s cradle of culture for over 2,000 years.

Some of its best sights are the Registan and Bibi-Khanym Mosque in Samarkand, the walled town of Ichan Kala in Khiva, and the historic mausoleums in Tashkent. If you get tired of sightseeing, you can always go hiking, rock climbing, and hang gliding to get an adrenaline rush. Book the best Uzbekistan holiday packages and tours by calling La Vacanza Travel!

Glimpse Of Uzbekistan with Tashkent


Duration: 4 Nights | 5 Days

Departure Point: Delhi

EMI starts at Rs. 3027.84


Highlights Of Uzbekistan with Tashkent, Samarkand


Duration: 4 Nights | 5 Days

Departure Point: Delhi

EMI starts at Rs. 3304.64


Private Tour : Best of Uzbekistan with Khiva, Bukhara, Samar...


Duration: 6 Nights | 7 Days

Departure Point: Taskhent

EMI starts at Rs. 0



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Destination Guide

Uzbekistan - Holiday Packages and Tours

Playing a vital role in the fascinating history of the Silk Road, Uzbekistan is one attractive and fascinating Holiday travel destination. In fact, it is the biggest tourist magnet in Central Asia, and some of its impressive showstoppers range from old mosques, medressas to modern architecture that infuses rich history and culture.

Uzbekistan leaves people in awe, but a real surprise is a heart-warming hospitality that you will receive the moment you set one foot in Uzbekistan.

Places to visit in Uzbekistan

If you're looking for traditional mausoleums, medressas and mosques that bear the stamp of Uzbekistan during your Uzbekistan holiday, head to Bukhara, Khiva and Samarkand and prepare to be impressed. 

  • Tashkent is the largest city and a modern capital that continues to boom, making it an ideal travel destination. It has plenty to offer in terms of sightseeing & activities.
  • Bukhara is a must-visit for the reason that it is the capital of the legendary Silk Road 2500 years ago. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is home to Islamic and Central Asian architecture. 
  • Samarkand is not just home to majestic mosques, but also a city that is entirely recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 
  • Khiva features Itchan Kala, which literally translates to within the wall; one of the two distinct sections of the region, along with Dichon-Qala, which literally means outside the wall. What is within and outside the wall? Islamic architecture that was built for a span of 6 centuries. 

Other places in Uzbekistan have unique sightseeing & activities that draw tourists from all over the world.

Things to do in Uzbekistan

If the Silk Road still exists today, one of the things you're most likely to do when in Uzbekistan is to follow the route that merchants of old used.

Unfortunately, it's no longer there, but you could still get a glimpse of it. During your vacation, make sure the Uzbekistan holiday packages and tours you choose let you maximise your time.

Depending on your travel dates, you can go bird watching in the summer and skiing in the winter.  In any other time, you can sign up for camel trekking in the yurt camps at Ayaz-Quala and Lake Aidarkul.

In the Ugma Chatkal National Park, trekking and wildlife spotting or two popular things to do. And when your travel takes you to the Chatkal or Syr-Darya Rivers, don't pass up the opportunity to go rafting. Don't forget to go shopping in markets and bazaars and buy beautiful fabrics and pungent spices.

Top attractions in Uzbekistan

Buildings in Uzbekistan, monumental and otherwise, bears a rich architectural heritage that has been preserved over time, which is why religious buildings and civic architecture have all become iconic landmarks in this landlocked country.

Check out architectural ensembles, such as the Kosh Madrasa at Bukhara, the Registan at Samarkand, and Char-Bakr Complex at Sumitan.  Uzbekistan is also home to several nature reserves. 

  • Ugam-Chatkal National Park is one of the biggest and oldest nature reserves. It is home to an impressive number of flora and fauna, with the one zone having health-recreation complexes - 'Beldersay', 'Charvak' and 'Chimgan'.
  • Jeyran Ecological Centre is a one-of-a-kind ecological centre in Central Asia, protecting jeyran (Central Asian gazelle), a specie that has been included in the Red Book of Endangered Species.

Uzbekistan holiday packages and Tours

In Uzbekistan, there are plenty of things to do, see, feel and enjoy. So how about you make it your next holiday destination? Choose from a range of Uzbekistan holiday packages and tours on offer.

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