Warsaw Holiday Packages

Warsaw Holiday Packages

Like the rest of Poland, Warsaw is a picture of rebirth with Gothic structures restored and the traces of war and destruction transformed. But what makes this city a curiosity is the fast-growing global orthopedics industry that gave it the nickname the "Orthopaedic Manufacturing Capital of the World". Aren’t you just a tad curious as to how this industry mix with Warsaw’s beauty and culture? Sightseeing tours are plenty. But don’t leave home without exploring the dining and entertainment scene of the city that will teach even the most killjoy of all to have fun and be merry. Book one of La Vacanza’s holiday packages to Warsaw today.


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Destination Guide

Warsaw - Holiday Tour Packages from India

For a city that saw war and survived, Warsaw is scrambling to pick up the pieces and rebuild what was lost during the war. This makes it a very interesting travel destination that holds plenty of surprises. Because amidst all the construction work and the modern skyscrapers are old structures being restored and mid-war modernist districts that have been preserved. Take a turn and you will surely find historical remnants here and there. Take a step back and you will find yourself right back in the urban and commercial centre of Poland. Suffice to say that there are plenty of places to visit in Warsaw, and many sightseeing & activities to enjoy during your holiday.

Places to visit in Warsaw

  • Old Town - This is the oldest neighbourhood and the heart of Warsaw. During the war, this area was completely flattened, but is now being rebuilt. As part of the Centrum area, expect to find a mix of industrial and affluent residential neighbourhood. 
  • Old Town Market Square - This area highlights Warsaw’s past and present, with just a few elements changed. Legend has it that the market square once had a townhouse where a monster, Basilisk, resides, guarding the treasures in the basement. 
  • Royal residences - What used to be homes of eminent Polish rulers have now become part of every tourist’s sightseeing & activities. Every castle and monument boasts of magnificent architecture and romantic gardens. 
  • Museums - Where else can you learn about Warsaw’s history than through its many museums? Visit the Warsaw Rising Museum one day, then the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews the next. 

Don’t miss out on these places by choosing the right holiday packages.  

Things to do in Warsaw

Go sightseeing and see the many wonders of Warsaw, most of which are man-made. Sign up for a walking tour to maximise your vacation, and see things that you might have otherwise miss without the guidance of a professional guide. 

Inspire or appease your curiosity when you visit the Copernicus Science Centre where you can experience interactive exhibitions. Watch concerts at the Polish National Opera and performances by the Warsaw Philharmonic. As home to many musical and play companies and theatres, watching different performances is one of the favourite things to do by locals and tourists alike. Engage in outdoor fun at The Vistula. This entertainment and recreation area in Warsaw has real sandy beaches, natural forests complete with rare bird species, several bars and long walking boulevards. 

Top attractions in Warsaw

  • Chopin-related attractions - With 20 years of his life spent in Warsaw, expect to find plenty of places associated with the famous composer and pianist, Fryderyk Chopin. Just take a walk along the streets of Warsaw and you will surely find a building that has a memorabilia or two of the famous musician. 
  • Warsaw Uprising Museum - What makes this museum different from the rest is its offer of interactive display. Watch a 3D film that lets you fly over Warsaw when it was destroyed during the war. 
  • National Stadium - This was built for the European Football Championship UEFA EURO 2012. With its imposing structure, it is visible from several points in Warsaw, but the best view is from the Zamkowy Square. 

Warsaw holiday packages from India

There are plenty more to see, but it would be fantastic to see and experience with your own eyes. Check out all Warsaw holiday packages offered by La Vacanza Travel.

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