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Moscow Holiday Packages

Russia’s capital is home to many things and is known for some of the best architectural wonders of the world, including St Basil’s cathedral that is unlike any other churches in the world. In terms of paint color, that is. It’s a structure that looks like it’s made of rainbows, but is built by Ivan the Terrible. But whatever holiday packages you choose, and no matter how crowded the place is, make sure to visit the iconic Red Square. A trip to Moscow is incomplete without a stroll in Russia’s most popular and largest square. Book your next holiday in Moscow with La Vacanza.


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Moscow - Holiday Tour Packages from India


Say Russia and most people would associate it with Moscow. And, why not? After all, it is the largest capital of an equally large nation, the center of symbolism and history of the former Soviet Union and the present Russia. But one of the reasons that Moscow is a favorite travel destination is its architectural gems that date back to the Russian Empire, and are representative of the wealth and reputation of the Tsars, old and new. Where sightseeing & activities are concerned, Moscow has much to offer. 


Places to visit in Moscow

Places of interest abound in Moscow, with every street and corner reflective of a rich history and culture. Every building or park you see in the city has a story to tell.

  • Museums - Living up to its label as the "world capital of museum" during the Soviet era, Moscow is home to over a hundred museums, with each one offering something unique and interesting. There is sure to be one museum that can satisfy your distinct interest and passion. 
  • Parks and Gardens - The capital of Russia is one of the few places in the world that have a so-called parklife. There are hundreds of parks within city limits and green areas, boulevards and squares everywhere else. But the real attraction is that parks vary as historical parks, leisure and memorial parks, and wildlife and nature reserves. 
  • Famous Streets - Don't be that stranger in Moscow who didn't explore the city's famous streets during your vacation. Among the many sightseeing & activities in the area can be explored on foot. Visit the central thoroughfare Tverskaya Ulitsa, the picturesque meeting place of the who's who in fashion Kuznetsky Most, and home of the city's most interesting buildings Ulitsa Varvarka. 


Things to do in Moscow

  • Be entertained by the circus or puppet performances. The Nikulin circus and the new circus near the University are two of Moscow’s circuses. Puppet shows, on the other hand, are held in the Obraztsov Puppet Theatre. 
  • Enjoy a spa treatment in a Russian bathhouse, which is an integral part of the local culture. Experience a hot steam bath, while being whipped with birch branches. 
  • Go ice skating at some of Moscow’s parks, one of the more popular things to do in the city. Some of which dictate the level of ice skating experience you must have. Gorky Park is best for advanced skaters, while the Bosco Rink will do for beginners. 


Top attractions in Moscow

  • Historical Museums - Want to know more of Russia's past and other parts of the world? The historical museums in Moscow will take you back in time and supply you with that much-needed and interesting information. Make sure to visit The Kremlin Armory Museum, Palace of the Romanov Boyars, and other museums that are included in holiday packages to Moscow.
  • The Kremlin - Behind its impressive architecture and bright colors is a past that is both foreboding and fascinating. The Kremlin is a picture of opulence, but with an austere characteristic that is reflective of the people and culture in Russia. But if you want to see generations of Russian rulers and monarchs, this is the attraction to visit. 


Moscow holiday packages from India

There are plenty more attractions in Moscow, but not all of them are friendly to non-Russian speakers. So it is best to visit them with an experienced guide or sign up for a Moscow holiday package available with La Vacanza Travel.



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