How to Drink Coffee like an Italian – 10 Unwritten Rules

How to Drink Coffee like an Italian – 10 Unwritten Rules

While there are many who can’t imagine starting their day without their favorite morning cup, in Italy, coffee is almost sacred.

This famous European country is undoubtedly the spiritual home of the beverage that is loved all over the world. If you think about it – is it not Italy that provided us with the sassy lingo such as latte, cappuccino, espresso, macchiato?

Visit this place and you would be surprised to learn about the many mysterious rules and rituals around a cup of coffee.


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How to Drink Coffee like an Italian – 10 Unwritten Rules 


Speaking of coffee rituals, the day begins with a breakfast cappuccino, the afternoon lunch is incomplete without an espresso, and dinner quite often ends with an espresso corretto (espresso mixed with cognac or grappa).


How to Drink Coffee like an Italian – 10 Unwritten Rules


That’s quite a lot of coffee for a day, right? Not for the average Italian. :) And one would think that this is all there is to learn about coffee in Italy, but this is perhaps just the start.

There are multiple mysterious laws that govern coffee consumption in the nation.

For instance, try ordering a café latte and you will likely get a glass full of milk.

Or, call for a cappuccino post 11 AM and you will be tagged as a tourist in the blink of an eye.

There are 20 main regions in Italy and each of them has its own special coffee culture.

While espresso might be a universal beverage, each region has given its personal twist to the drink. Be sure to study this infographic by Med Cruise Guide before ordering your coffee in Italy.


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Coffee first made its appearance in Italy in the 1500s in the beautiful city of Venice. Slowly, it started spreading all over the peninsula in quaint, elegant cafes and small, homely establishments.

Different varieties of coffee were enjoyed by politicians, writers, and artists in the ancient times. And this is how it became a huge part of the unique Italian culture.

Love coffee? You cannot miss this cup of heaven in Italy! 


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