Make It a Week-Long Holiday in Dubai, See These 5 Reasons

Make It a Week-Long Holiday in Dubai, See These 5 Reasons

Although Dubai is still part of massive desert land, it has become a modern metropolis, complete with skyscrapers that will not only make you look way up, but make you drop your jaw in awe as well.

In fact, when people describe the structures in Dubai, they usually run out of superlatives. After all, it is home to the world’s tallest building – for now. It also has one of the most amazing water parks and hotel resorts.

But this is not all this amazing city has to offer. There’s more!


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City of Dubai


5 Reasons to Spend a Week long holiday in Dubai



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It’s for everyone


For all the grandeur and opulence that Dubai showcases, people from all walks of life can still enjoy its many treasures.

Whether you have money to burn or only have enough budget, you can still have a fantastic week-long holiday.

It’s all about research. If you can’t afford to shop at fancy malls, such as the Mall of Dubai, hit the souks and local markets. Here, you can test your skills in haggling to get a better deal. 


Dubai Mall, fountain,Burj Khalifa


Amazing infrastructure


Yes, the Burj Khalifa is just one of the many buildings in Dubai that is jaw-dropping. Considering all of its infrastructures, you will find plenty more to be amazed about.

Palm Jumeirah for one is an artificial archipelago that looks like an emblem with a palm tree as the main feature. Close inspection would reveal that there are structures on it that are just as marvelous, such as the Atlantis Hotel


Atlantis Monorail in Dubai


Caters to your kind of holiday


Are you looking to spend an entire week just relaxing and enjoying the view? There is a place where you can do just that. Do you prefer something exciting and adrenaline-pumping instead?

There are activities that will cater to your whims and fancies as well. Depending on whatever mood strikes you, you can choose between camel ride and dune bashing.

One is more laid back, while the other is dizzying. You can sign up for a desert safari or get wild and wet at the many water parks in Dubai.

The choice is really up to you. Oh…and you can also ski in Dubai. How cool is that? And we don’t mean skiing over sand dunes. 


Dubai Palm. Outdoor skydiving.


Safety is guaranteed


Sure, the media dishes out some scary stories about Dubai. But there really is nothing to worry about.It is an open city, after all. For this reason, Dubai offers a high degree of security to its tourists and visitors. On top of this, their services are just par excellence. 


Dubai family


One-stop holiday spot


Because Dubai is for everyone, expect it to offer more than what a tourist and traveler can ask for in a vacation.

If you choose to stay at the Atlantis Hotel, for instance, you won’t have to travel far to have fun in a water park or lounge at the beach. This means your week would be well-spent, long-haul travel excluded. 


Sights In Deira Dubai UAE


So how about you start planning your next week-long holiday in Dubai now? 


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