Top 3 Things to Do in Seychelles

Top 3 Things to Do in Seychelles

Seychelles isn’t a place you go to for a weekend mini-break. No, it’s one where you have to make time in your calendar for.

There are many reasons for this but here are two: it’s located far out in the Indian Ocean and it’s stunningly beautiful that it would be a waste to just spend a few days.

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So if you’re looking for a quick weekend vacation, there are other destinations waiting for you. However, if you want to spend weeks exploring a group of islands located in a remote part of the world, then this guide is for you.


Top 3 Things to Do in Seychelles


When in Seychelles, not wasting any moment is important. After all, it’s not every day that you get to spend in such a lovely place (Side note: travel to Seychelles can be expensive but enjoying the food and the rest of the activities won’t burn a hole in your wallet).

That said, below are some of the best suggestions for what you should do while in Seychelles.



Some Things to Know About Seychelles


Seychelles is a group of islands, an archipelago to be exact. There are 115 islands, not all of them inhabited.

While you certainly can’t visit all of them, you can definitely visit three of the biggest since they are connected by ferry routes.

Mahe is the biggest island and is where most of the population lives. It comes as no surprise then that this is the port of entry for tourists.

Praslin is the next largest island and is about 50 minutes away from Mahe by ferry (you can take a 15-minute flight if you want to maximize your time on the island).

The smallest of the three largest islands is La Digue, which is about 15 minutes by boat from Praslin.

There’s more on each island later.





The islands are best visited during the off-season, the time when flight rates are rather low therefore allowing you to save.

Since the weather is great all-year-round, no one is stopping you from visiting during peak season, especially since if the dates you can go fall on those months.

Seychelles has a lot of budget accommodations.

While you can definitely spring for an expensive hotel, you can definitely save if you book at a budget hotel.



Spending Your Time in Seychelles

Now that you know a few things about the islands, it’s time to look into the awesome things you can do.


  • Go Hopping Across The Biggest Islands


The three biggest islands are Mahe, Praslin, and La Digue. There are different reasons for wanting to visit each.

Mahe is your port of entry and where you’ll find most of the population. If you want fresh produce, heading to the market early in the morning is ideal.

The night is alive in Mahe as well since it has quite the number of clubs. But if nature is the reason you came to the island, a hike along the Copolia Trail won’t disappoint (best make this journey in the morning when the temperatures aren’t punishing). Of course, when the temperature becomes slightly unbearable, the beach is always there to provide a much-needed reprieve.

If beach hopping is on the agenda, the best island for that is Praslin. You can book at any of the resorts and hotels on the island if you want to say for a couple of days. If you want the best of Praslin, make your way to Anse Lazio.

It can be best described as the image that pops into your head when you think of beaches: sandy, clear waters, beautiful. Another interesting beach is Anse Georgette but the current can get quite strong so do be careful.

La Digue is best explored if you have a bike. Then again that depends on if you can actually ride one. If you can’t, it’s not a total loss since you can still wander around on foot.

Although the island is remote, lots of tourists come here for the Anse Source d’Argent beach with its pink sand. Booking for more than a day is ideal since it allows you to hit the beach early in the morning when there aren’t that many tourists.



  • Admire The Wildlife


Among the animals you’ll encounter on Seychelles are HUGE tortoises. However, you won’t meet them on a random encounter; you have to travel to see them.

You can start off at Praslin where you can board a boat headed for Curieuse Island. It will take a bit of a hike to get to the conservation center but it will be totally worth it.

These creatures are quite big but really wonderful to look at. It’s a great opportunity to go and see them since the other place you can find them is in the Galapagos.

Hawksbill sea turtles breed in Seychelles and as such, you have the opportunity to see their babies - or their parents for that matter.

You actually don’t have to go very far to find one. They can be found hanging around in La Digue and Praslin. However, if you really want to see one then you have to get on a boat and head to any of the following islands: Bird Island, Cousine, or North Island.

Other than ginormous tortoises and baby turtles, the islands are home to some lovely birds. Some of the largest seabird colonies are found on Aride Island as well as on the outer islands of Aldabra and Cosmoledo.



  • Get Food At The Different Takeaway Stands


One of the best ways to gain an appreciation for another culture is to try out their food.

While you can munch on whatever you have at your hotel or resort, take time to find takeaway stands for some Creole dishes. Besides, doing so is one of the ways you can save on money for food.

The British controlled the islands during the Napoleonic Wars and they brought along indentured Indian servants.

As such, many of the population are of Indian descent which means that Indian food is served on the island. Many of the takeaway stands offer different Indian dishes so take time to try them out.




Sun, sand, and sea are definitely the top attractions on Seychelles. But do take time to appreciate more than that. This is a place with a rich history, which is evident if you open your eyes and look around.


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