Seychelles Holiday Packages

Seychelles Holiday Packages

How could one not love the so-called “Galapagos of the Indian Ocean”? Only a few of its 115 islands are inhabited, making the choice for a beach destination quite the challenge. With a rich marine life and beautiful coral reefs, an exploration underwater is just as interesting as wandering on land. But Seychelles is more than just a place for beach holidays: it is also home to rainforests that just beg to be explored. Of course, not to be forgotten are the range of wildlife that can be seen on the island; just remember to always have your camera on ready – you never know when you'll spot an amazing creature! Explore our Seychelles holiday packages and tours now.

07-Days Best of Mahe, Praslin and La Digue Islands in Seyche...


Duration: 6 Nights | 7 Days


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06-Days, Mahe and Praslin in Seychelles


Duration: 05 Nights | 06 Days


EMI starts at Rs. 0


07-Days Best of Seychelles and Mauritius


Duration: 6 Nights | 7 Days


EMI starts at Rs. 0



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Seychelles Holiday packages and tours

Seychelles is one of the most well-known islands in the Indian Ocean. While its beaches are the reason it receives many visitors each year, there is more to this island than just being a perfect tropical paradise.

Animal life, particularly marine life, is rich in the Seychelles, which is why you should always have your camera ready because you just never know when you'll meet those lovely creatures. The island's history as a French colony and subsequent migrations by Asians has given Seychelles a diverse vibe.

La Vacanza can help you spend an unforgettable getaway in Seychelles through our affordable holiday packages and tours. For guaranteed fun times ahead, book with us today!


Things to see in Seychelles


With 115 islands, you will definitely find it difficult to choose a beach destination. Although not every island is inhabited, a visit can still be arranged to see some deserted beaches. However, not every beach is suitable for swimming due to seasonal winds. So, do heed warnings because they are there for your safety.


Although the majority of the population are Christians, a small Hindu minority lives on the island and they have a beautiful temple located in Victoria which you can visit. You can also visit the natural history museum on the island to learn about its famed natural life.


Beaches may be the reason people come to visit Seychelles, but this “Galapagos of the Indian Ocean” is home to stunning plants and wonderful animals. So if you want a different view than just clear waters, a tour of Vallee de Mai will give you a new sense of appreciation for the island.


Activities in Seychelles

Beach hopping

Seychelles is home to more than 100 islands, making it difficult to pick just one beach to spend the holiday in. Popular choices include Anse Lazio, Anse Marron (a secluded paradise), and Anse Source d'Argent (quite well-known). Even better, you can combine hiking and a beach visit by walking the coastline from Beau Vallon to Anse Major.


Beaches aren't the only attractions on the island; nature has its own allure too. There are quite a few hiking routes on Mahe and Praslin, but you can always ask the tourism office for other hiking routes.


Heading to an island for a holiday seems like a rest-and-relaxation affair, but that's not always the case in Seychelles. Those who subscribe to an active lifestyle will love the activities on offer here. Water-based activities are an option, with scuba diving and snorkeling two of the activities that allow you to see the island's famed marine life. Land-based sports are pretty popular too, with bike rentals and walking tours available to get a better appreciation of nature.


The cuisine in Seychelles is a blend of African, Chinese, French, and Indian, which means that you're definitely in for a treat every meal time.

Seychelles holiday packages or tours

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