Budapest Holiday Packages

Budapest Holiday Packages

Planning to visit Budapest soon? You might need to choose between holiday packages to Buda and Pest. But why not explore both, so you can experience the whole of Budapest? Like other places in Europe, it boasts of museums and galleries, historic buildings, parks, and statues and monuments. But what sets it apart is the history that remains evident and tangible to this day. Just check out the buildings that have stood the test of WWII and the 1956 Uprising, and you can still see shrapnel pockmarks and bullet hole. It’s a time travel that doesn’t involve moving between time zones.


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Budapest - Holiday Tour Packages from India

The capital city of Hungary, Budapest is known for offering a unique, youthful atmosphere, a world-class classical music scene, and a pulsating nightlife that is increasingly appreciated among youths in Europe. Also, the city is naturally gifted with natural thermal baths, and due to its scenic setting and great architecture, it is nicknamed the “Paris of the East”. In 1987, it was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List for the architectural and cultural significance of the Buda Castle Quarter, the Banks of the Danube and the Andrássy Avenue.

Considering the opportunities for sightseeing and activities that Budapest can offer, it is definitely a great place to add to your bucket list for your next travel. Here is some useful information that you can include in your Budapest holiday packages:  

Top places to visit in Budapest

As one of the most culturally important metropolises in Eastern Europe and home to numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Budapest can offer you a lot of beautiful places to spend your vacation. This beautiful city formally came into being in 1872 with the amalgamation of 3 previously independent towns—Old Buda (Óbuda), Buda and Pest—to become the administrative, commercial and industrial center of Hungary, with many places of interest. Located along the River Danube, it is famous for its stunning architecture and its thermal springs.

Today, you can be one of more than 20 million visitors across the globe per year to see its countless historical sites, art galleries and museums, as well as its sports halls and stadiums, not to mention the Hungaroring Formula 1 racetrack. Some of the best sites to visit in Budapest include Spectacular Castle Hill, Gellért Hill, The Museum of Fine Arts and the Hungarian National Museum. 

Top things to do in Budapest

Aside from sightseeing and activities you can do at the city’s most popular spots, there are still many things you can do in Budapest.

  • Walking - There are many companies here that offer paid or free/tips-only walking tours.
  • Cycling - With the city’s public bicycle system, you can explore its streets on a bike.
  • Skating - During winter, the lake in the City Park is transformed into a large ice-skating rink, where you can enjoy gliding with your partner, family or friends.
  • Boating - You should not miss a boat trip on River Danube, where you get to enjoy both the bridges and the riverbanks at the very same time. Views are especially spectacular at night.
  • Caving - You can reach 2 main caves in the Buda Hills, which are well-lit and accessible to people of most sizes and fitness levels.

Top attractions and landmarks in Budapest

As mentioned above, amongst the top attractions and landmarks in Budapest are:

  • The Castle Hill - This towers over the River Danube and contains many of the city’s most important medieval museums and monuments. Undoubtedly, the most spectacular of these structures is the 18th-century Buda Castle and the late 19th-century Fisherman’s Bastion.
  • The Gellért Hill - Another striking feature in Budapest is the panoramic Gellért Hill, which is a 235-metre block of dolomite falling steeply down to the River Danube. It is here where you can find several of the city’s most popular medicinal springs supplying the Gellért Spa and Rudas Baths.
  • The Museum of Fine Arts - This is not only the most important art gallery in Budapest, but is also home to one of the largest collections of works by the Old Masters in Europe. It showcases an extensive array of Italian, Dutch and Spanish in a spectacular, classically influenced 19th-century building, especially in its Renaissance Hall.
  • The Hungarian National Museum - Founded in 1802, this superb, classical museum surrounds 2 courtyards, in addition to its massive portico, a monument to the famous Hungarian poet János Arany, and park-like gardens with their numerous busts of famous people. Major exhibits comprise the Royal Regalia and Hungary’s pre and early history, from the Stone Age to the Early Middle Ages.

Budapest holiday packages from India

Now, are you ready to travel Budapest? Before you fly, make sure your Budapest holiday packages include trips to the most important parts of the city. Have fun and stay safe!

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