Osaka Holiday Packages

Osaka Holiday Packages


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Osaka - Holiday Tour Packages


At a time when the capital of Japan moves where the emperor wants to reign, Osaka was once the capital city and the first one to be ever known. And it would have remained that way if the last emperor of Japan did not move his government to Tokyo. Capital or not, Osaka has exciting sightseeing & activities to offer tourists and visitors. So why not take advantage of them and choose holiday packages to Osaka?

Top places to visit in Osaka

What makes Osaka an interesting travel destination is that it has a mix of the old and new virtually right next to each other, but not competing for attention. Everything's just there for your appreciation.

  • The Bay Area in Osaka is an amusement hub with a huge personality. After all, it has gigantic facilities that include Universal Studios Japan, the Maritime Museum and the Maishima Pottery Village.
  • Minami is the cultural and traditional commercial center of Osaka, home to some of the best places to eat, shop and travel through the main railway station.
  • Tennoji is where most sightseeing & activities can be found – Shinsekai, Tennoji Park and Zoo, and the Tsutenkaku Tower. 

Being the third largest city in Japan, expect plenty of places of interest in Osaka.

Top things to do in Osaka

  • Watch musical and theater performances in the National Bunraku Theater, Osaka Shiki Musical Theater, or Shin-Kabukiza, where Enka performances are shown.
  • Treat yourself to a wonderful and exciting time in Kaiyukan, one the largest aquariums in the world; or aboard one of the gondolas of the Tenpozan Ferris Wheel.
  • Relax at a high-end spa at the City Country Club or in Spa World, which also has a pool with slides.
  • Watch a sumo tournament during the Sumo Spring Grand Tournament usually held in the middle of March at the Osaka Prefecture Gymnasium.

There are plenty of other things to do during your vacation in Osaka, depending on which holiday packages you choose, of course.

Top attractions in Osaka 

  • Osaka Aquarium - Also known as Kaiyukan, this aquarium in the Tempozan Harbor Village is the most spectacular in Japan. It is home to various life forms from the Pacific Rim, which are introduced in an organized and impressive way. Some of its residents include seals, dolphins and whale sharks. 
  • Osaka Museum History - Before you even see its wonderful collection, the Osaka Museum of History would impress you even from afar. Because part of the building resembles a globe set at an angle, it has the kind of architecture that will leave you in awe. But wait until you see its exhibits that tell a story from the beginning of Osaka until the present.
  • Osaka Castle - Osaka Castle is a picture of grandeur and one that tells a tale of destruction and reconstruction. Despite it being entirely modern on the inside, the CastleTower remains as historical as it is supposed to be.
  • Minoo Park - Located just outside Osaka, Minoo Park is a forested valley with a waterfall. It is the perfect getaway for when you want to escape the crowded city center. Travel during autumn and be surrounded by the bright and wonderful colors of the season. 

Osaka Holiday packages

There are plenty to see as there are many things to do in Osaka Japan, which is why holiday packages come in different packages, and the included tourist attractions could very well vary. Checkout Osaka holiday packages now.

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