Rome Holiday Packages

Rome Holiday Packages

When in Rome…your journey starts in the present to the past and back. Living up to its name as the Eternal City, it boasts of historical architecture and sites that look almost the same as when they were built. As the seat of the greatest civilization in the world, it throbs with the same heady pulse of a powerful age that remains evident in the modern times. Whether you’re in the Modern Centre or Old Rome, you will be surrounded by beauty and stunning attractions, such as the Trevi fountain and the piazza Campo de' Fiori. The right holiday packages will take you to the Vatican as well.

Italy Private Family Tour with Rome, Pisa, Florence and Veni...


Duration: 5 Nights | 6 Days

Departure Point: India

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Destination Guide

Rome - Holiday Tour Packages from India

A city where the modern and old go side by side rather than take on a collision course, Rome is a picturesque travel destination that blurs the line between the past and present and still make you feel the difference. Between ancient iconic landmarks and modern cafes, you can choose to spend your holiday indulging in various sightseeing & activities, or just sit in a corner lazily watching the world go by. Either way, you can write your own story of a Roman vacation.

Top places to visit in Rome

Which places in Rome should be featured in your tale of romance with the Eternal City?

  • Historical Centre, A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Historical Centre of Rome is only around 4% of the city area but has the most concentration of tourist attractions, which is why it always makes it to the list of places to travel to when in Rome. 
  • The Modern Centre, on the other hand, has a good mix of the old and new. But because it is home to the Trevi Fountain, Castro Pretorio, and other old landmarks, contemporary touches are not as prominent.
  • Vatican City is an independent state that is not just a popular vacation destination because of its religious significance, but also because of the Vatican Museums, Italian districts of Borgo, Monte Mario and Prati, St. Peter's Basilica, and the Swiss Guards.

When in Rome, travel with an open heart and you will discover places to visit that did not make it to the list of popular tourist destinations, but are still worth visiting.

Top things to do in Rome

Falling in love or wishing you would fall in love is one of the things to do when you visit the Eternal City for the first time. Isn’t the Trevi Fountain the perfect place to toss a coin and make a wish?

With plenty of museums and interesting landmarks, sightseeing would be a fun and educational experience. If you can only visit so much during your holiday, pick some of the highly recommended museums or those where you can get in for free. Better yet, sign up for a museum tour so you can check out some of the world's best museums in Rome.

Enjoy a leisurely stroll at the Travestre district and see what a hip Roman neighbourhood looks like. You can then relax in great cafes and trattorie in between.

As a city known for its excellent food and wine, it is only right that you add food and wine tour in your list of things to do during your Roman holiday. 

Top attractions in Rome

And so the plot of the tale of your Roman holiday thickens. What attractions would make your vacation unforgettable?

  • Colosseum - No Roman holiday would be complete without a look at the amphitheatre that provided the world a great example of what stadiums should be like, from the design to construction. 
  • Basilica of St. Peter- This impressive church is not just a major tourist attraction in Rome, but also the centre of the Catholic world. Its cavernous interior can accommodate statues with a height of over 100 meters.

With an abundance of museums and attractions, Italians holds an event called the "Settimana dei Beni Culturali" where everyone can gain entry to these places for free. So choose Rome holiday packages that fall on this week, which usually happens mid-May.

Rome holiday packages from India

Choose from a wide range of Rome holiday packages to choose from. In fact, if you wish to see the best of Italy and Rome during your holiday, it is recommended to sign up for one of the Rome holiday package tours on offer.

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