Salzburg Holiday Packages

Salzburg Holiday Packages

With a breathtaking view of the Eastern Alps, Salzburg is the gateway to a skier’s piece of heaven. This makes winters in the city an experience not to miss, since holiday packages easily combine a city vacation with a skiing vacation. But stay within its limits and enjoy a wide range of sightseeing tours and activities. Sign up for the Sound of Music Panorama Tours, explore the city aboard a bicycle, visit the largest ice cave in the world just a train away from Salzburg, or discover the secrets of the Salt Mines. And when the sun comes down, enjoy art, music, food and the people.


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Destination Guide

Salzburg - Holiday Tour Packages from India

The hills are definitely alive in Salzburg, home of the Trapp family made famous by the musical film The Sound of Music, and the birthplace of world famous composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Celebrities aside, Salzburg is a story book location where the scene stealers are natural wonders, imposing domes and spires, and a fortress built on cliffs. With its manicured parks, progressive art scene, wonderful food and impressive concert halls, Salzburg is the perfect Holiday destination if you want to travel to find inspiration.  

Top places to visit in Salzburg

If there's one place that should be included in holiday packages to Salzburg, the city's Old Town should be it. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is known the world over for its baroque architecture. With the Salzach river right across it, it presents a picturesque travel location. 

  • Great Salzburg area - This is another location in the city that offers a wide range of sightseeing & activities. Here, you will find different tourist attractions, such as the Anif Castle and Hitler's mountain retreat.  Home to lakes, mountains and a casino, you will have plenty of things to do when in the Great Salzburg area.
  • Villa Trapp - Do you want to see where the Trapp family lived? Sign up for a tour and get to know the real Trapps and step foot in their ostentatious mansion. 2015 is the best time to visit, as it is the golden anniversary of The Sound of Music. 

Top things to do in Salzburg 

  • Visit different museums in the city and take a walk through Salzburg's past and present.
  • Sign up for tours to see more of Salzburg. Doing so is also one of the best way to experience various sightseeing & activities. Explore on foot the historical side of Salzburg, particularly in the Old Town where you will find Mirabell Gardens, St. Peter's Monastery, Mozart House and other must-see attractions.
  • Cycle through the lakes and mountains of Salzkammergut for an outdoor excursion during your vacation. Don't miss out on an opportunity to see the abbey in Melk, sample superb wines in Wachau Valley, and to listen to the sound of music from Salzburg to Vienna and back.
  • Other things to do include playing a game at the casino and joining world's famous Salzburg festivals.


Top attractions in Salzburg 

  • Festung Hohensalzburg - Standing on top of a cliff overlooking the city, this 900-year old fortress stands sentinel over Salzburg. Whichever way you turn, Festung Hohensalzburg would be hard to miss. What started out as a humble bailey, has now become one of the grandest and most iconic structures in the city. 
  • Salzburg Museum - This museum is not only popular for its collection of masterpieces, but also for its impressive structure. Your visit would start beneath the courtyard that has rotating exhibitions of art. Have you seen other museums with such feature? This is why Salzburg Museum is often part of holiday packages to Salzburg. 
  • Steingasse - This historic site would let you walk down memory lane, literally. During the medieval times, the narrow, cobbled lane used to be the main trade route to Italy. So how about a trip to the past? 

Salzburg holiday packages from India

Salzburg has no shortage of sightseeing & activities, all of which will treat you to a wonderful experience. So how about booking a Salzburg holiday package and travel to this city on your next holiday?

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