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Phuket Holiday Packages

One of the premier destinations in Thailand, Phuket offers a slightly different kind of travel experience than the rest of the country. As the cultural capital, this is where you can get a glimpse of the culture, history and traditions of the locals. Understand the island’s roots, and you will appreciate everything and everyone that makes Phuket a truly exciting destination. Mixed with a busy nightlife, a vibrant culinary scene, and beautiful beaches and natural attractions, you are sure to enjoy a diverse set sightseeing and activities.  La Vacanza can take you there. Choose from any of our Phuket holiday packages.


Phuket Family Friendly Tour Packages View All

Best of Phuket Island

Duration: 3 Nights | 4 Days

Departure Point: India

Starting from 8300

Best of Thailand with Bangkok and Pattaya

Duration: 4 Nights | 5 Days

Departure Point: India

Starting from 8700

Best of Thailand with Bangkok and Phuket Island

Duration: 4 Nights | 5 Days

Departure Point: India

Starting from 10500

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Best of Thailand beaches with Phuket and Krabi

Duration: 4 Nights | 5 Days

Departure Point: India

Starting from 16500

Best of Phuket Island

Duration: 3 Nights | 4 Days

Departure Point: India

Starting from 8300

Best of Thailand with Bangkok and Phuket Island

Duration: 4 Nights | 5 Days

Departure Point: India

Starting from 10500

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Phuket - Holiday Tour Packages from India


Known for its beautiful beaches and natural wonders, Phuket is undoubtedly a popular travel destination for tourists all over the world. It is a tropical paradise that is loved by locals, foreigners, and expats. Part of its charm is the laid-back lifestyle that anyone can enjoy in quaint fishing villages or some quiet corner in the island. Be warned that many spent a vacation in Phuket and never came back. They simply decided to extend their holiday for good. What was supposedly a part of holiday packages turned out to be a relocation. Ready to take on the challenge of resisting the temptations of Phuket?


Places to visit in Phuket

Being the biggest island in Thailand and located in the Andaman Sea, Phuket has several places of interest.

  • Phuket City is the capital of the island province where you travel to experience the true local culture. It has markets that are interspersed with interesting buildings, featuring different elements taken from other parts of the world, such as China and Portugal.
  • Patong Beach is where most of sightseeing & activities happen. It is one vacation destination where seeing people and whale sharks frolicking together is perfectly normal.
  • Kata Beach is one of those places that people travel to for a specific reason. It is dubbed as the perfect venue to go snorkelling as it is less crowded and has spectacular coral reefs.
  • Karon Beach is probably the longest and where the good eats can be found. It has plenty of restaurants that range from budget to expensive. On this side of town, however, you are not only paying for the food, but also for the nice view and sea breeze.

Make sure to explore as much of it as you can during your vacation. Other places to visit are Chalong Bay, James Bond Island, and other small islands in the southern eastern part.


Things to do in Phuket

What are some of the activities you can enjoy when in Phuket? Plenty. There's practically no limit to the things to do during your stay. In fact, your holiday packages could vary what with all the sightseeing & activities to enjoy.

  • Engage in a wide range of water sports and adventures, such as swimming, snorkelling, scuba diving, parasailing, yachting, freediving and many others. Kitesurfing is particularly popular in some travel destinations at certain seasons – Nai Yang in summer and Chalong Bay in winter.
  • Sign up for a one day island tour around Phuket’s small beautiful islands. For one day, you get to travel to Phang-nga bay, Maiton island, Phi-Phi island and many others. Your choice of speed boat depends on your budget and the number of passengers.
  • Enjoy the royal spa treatment and relax with utmost comfort and pleasure since Phuket in now one of the world's most renowned spa destinations. You should not leave without checking out its spa and wellness scenes.


Top attractions in Phuket

Wondering what else you can see besides small islands and beaches?

  • Chalong Temple is an ancient temple that served as the home of the monks who helped the locals during the Chinese rebellion.
  • The Big Buddha that sits on top of the Naka Kerd Mountain is a white marble statue that is worth trekking to because reaching it means getting a bird’s eye-view over Phuket’s east coast.
  • Phuket Trick Eye Museum lives up to its name, providing visitors with amazing optical illusions through its 3D paintings. 


Phuket holiday packages from India

There are a wide range of Phuket holiday packages to choose from. In fact, if you wish to see the best of Phuket and Thailand during your holiday, it is recommended to sign up for one of the Phuket holiday packages and tours on offer.



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