Khiva Holiday Packages

Khiva Holiday Packages

If you’re booking holiday packages to Uzbekistan, make sure to include Khiva in your itinerary. This ancient town has been around since the start of the Christian era, meaning it has developed a rich history and culture that you’ll definitely want to learn more about. Take a stroll through Itchan Kala, Khiva’s walled inner town that was declared as a World Heritage Site in 1991 and is the site of over 50 ancient monuments and around 250 old houses. Visit the Djuma Mosque, which was originally built in the 10th century and rebuilt in the 18th century, and explore the distinctly blue Kalta Minor Minaret, which features beautiful tile designs.

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Duration: 6 Nights | 7 Days

Departure Point: Taskhent

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Destination Guide

Khiva - Holiday Tour Packages from India

Khiva is a city that is located in the Xorazm Region, Uzbekistan and, according to archaeological data, was established in the beginning of the Christian era. It was formerly the Khanate of Khiva and the capital of Khwarezmia. Its inner town, Ichon-Qala or Itchan Kala, was the first site in the country to be inscribed in the World Heritage List in 1991.

Top places to visit in Khiva, Uzbekistan

Basically, the city is divided into 2 distinct sections, which are the older and museum-like Itchan Kala, which literally means “within the wall”, where you will see striking examples of Islamic architecture and the more modern Dichon-Qala, which literally means “outside the wall”, where majority of the population live and all of the modern buildings are built, though you will also get a glimpse of the city’s greatness as a center of Islamic power here. While you explore the place, you would wonder how crowded and bustling it is throughout history, with a clustered array of mosques, minarets and madrassahs.

Top things to do in Khiva, Uzbekistan

When choosing or creating an itinerary, consider including these activities: 

  • Watching a Traditional Dance Show - Your trip to Khiva would not be complete without watching a fashion and traditional dance show, particularly at the Alloquli Khan Medressa. There are more than one shows here, and you can choose to watch all of them.
  • Exploring the Itchan Kala - In this tour, the tourist office at the West Gate would ask you to buy a ticket that allows you to enter all of the buildings and museums in this area, excluding the Islom-Khoja minaret and some madrassas. If you do not plan to enter any of the buildings and just want to walk and eat, you can avoid paying for the ticket by taking a different gate on your way in.
  • Watching a Puppet Show - The puppet theater traditions are alive in Khiva, so make sure you do not miss out on a contemporary puppet show in the city. Particularly, you should check out the State Puppet Theatre, which is unique for its special coloring. It is here where you can still feel the spirit of the medieval bazaar performances, seemingly taking you back hundreds of years to the past.

Top attractions and landmarks in Khiva, Uzbekistan

There are many attractions to see while you are in this beautiful city, and the following are some of the best. 

  • Kutli Murad Inak Medressa - This medressah was constructed in the beginning of the 18th century with 81 pupils’ cells. It was one of the wealthiest schools in the city with galleries having arcades, round towers and other design features that depict the architectural traditions of Khorezm.
  • Khan Anush Mohammed’s Bath - The main part of this bath is subterranean in order to keep its walls steadily warm. Providing all the comforts of an oriental bath, this is considered one of Central Asia’s most interesting secular buildings of the 17th century.
  • Tash Chauli - Meaning “the palace of stones”, this is the new palace of the rulers in Khiva that was constructed in the first half of the 19th century during the time of Khan Allakuli. It has more than 160 rooms, 5 courtyards and a strong wall with many round towers.

Khiva holiday packages from India

Now, when planning your trip to Khiva, check out the holiday packages that we offer here at La Vacanza Travel.

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