Tashkent Holiday Packages

Tashkent Holiday Packages

Tashkent is one of those cities that effectively mix old way of life with modern living. One moment, you’ll easily see a traditionally dressed farmer carting his fresh produce to the market; the next moment, you’ll find yourself in the midst of contemporary bars and restaurants offering fusion cuisine and the latest drinks. It’s a great place to visit if you want to know more about Uzbekistan’s history and culture while having access to good food, great attractions, and lots of fun and exciting activities. Book Tashkent holiday packages with La Vacanza Travel and get started on planning your vacation!

Glimpse Of Uzbekistan with Tashkent


Duration: 4 Nights | 5 Days

Departure Point: Delhi

EMI starts at Rs. 3027.84


Highlights Of Uzbekistan with Tashkent, Samarkand


Duration: 4 Nights | 5 Days

Departure Point: Delhi

EMI starts at Rs. 3304.64


Private Tour : Best of Uzbekistan with Khiva, Bukhara, Samar...


Duration: 6 Nights | 7 Days

Departure Point: Taskhent

EMI starts at Rs. 0



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Destination Guide

Tashkent - Holiday Tour Packages

Tashkent, which literally means “Stone City”, is the largest city and capital of Uzbekistan. With a rich history of being ruled by different groups of people in the past, it retains a multi-ethnic population with Uzbeks comprising the majority. It is known for its tree-lined streets, pleasant parks, numerous fountains, museums and other historical attractions, which means that the place is a great destination of choice for your next holiday.  

Top places to visit in Tashkent, Uzbekistan

The best place to start your trip in the city is the Old Town, which has retained much of its old charm, where you will see narrow winding streets, low adobe houses having shady courtyards, madressas and numerous ancient mosques. Aside from this region, there are also other areas you can go that have many cultural attractions and sights, including historical buildings, museums, theaters, opera houses, dance halls, as well as modern sights. You can also find some spectacular parks here, as the city has so much green space. 

Top things to do in Tashkent, Uzbekistan

There are many great activities that your Tashkent holiday package can include, such as:

  • Trekking - This activity can be organized in Aksagata, Chimgan, Polatkhan, Beldersai, and other regions that are within at least an hour from the city. You will be accompanied by experienced mountain guides to ensure you get the best experience.
  • Visit to the Aqua Park - You will definitely have a wonderful time in this water park that has several pools (including one with a wave machine), high slides and water chutes, especially when the weather is hot. Here, you will have all the amenities you need, including a restaurant and some bars.

Top attractions and landmarks in Tashkent, Uzbekistan

As most of the ancient city was damaged during the 1917 revolution and the 1966 earthquake, little has remained of the place’s traditional architectural heritage. Nevertheless, Tashkent is still rich in cultural and historical attractions, including:

  • Kukeldash Madrasah - Dating back to the time of Abdullah Khan II, this madrasa is currently being restored by the religious board of Mawarannahr Moslems, with plans of turning it into a museum.
  • Telyashayakh Mosque - Also known as Khast Imam Mosque, this building contains the Uthman Qur’an, which is believed to be the oldest existing Qur’an in the world, dating back to 655. The book was said to be brought by Timur to Samarkand, seized as a war trophy by the Russians, taken to Saint Petersburg, but then returned to Uzbekistan in 1924.
  • Yunus Khan Mausoleum - This comprises three 15th-century mausoleums that were restored in the 19th century, with the largest being the grave of Yunus Khan, who was the grandfather of Babur, the founder of the Mughal Empire.
  • Prince Romanov Palace - This is a 19th-century palace was built by the Grand Duke Nikolai Konstantinovich, who was banished to this city for shady deals that involved the Russian Crown Jewels. It was used as a museum once, appropriated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Tashkent holiday packages from India

There are more ways to discover Tashkent, and all of them will be at your disposal by booking holiday packages with us here at La Vacanza Travel. Enjoy your trip and stay safe!

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