Bosporus, Istanbul

Bosporus, Istanbul

Want to travel from Asia to Europe and back just aboard a ferry? This is exactly what you can do at the Bosporus Strait. Connecting the Sea of Marmara to the Black Sea, this strategic waterway separates the European and Asian side of Istanbul.

Now you see how you can travel between two continents in a matter of minutes. What is even better is that you have the option to cross the strait via any of the three suspension bridges that connect Asia and Europe.

The first bridge is the Bosporus Bridge, the second is the Faith Sultan Mehmet Bridge, and the third one is the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, which is one of the world's longest and highest suspension bridges.

There is a tunnel in operation too.

During the summer, locals and visitors alike flock its shores to enjoy the weather and the busy activities going on.

There are fine neighborhoods to explore as well--Arnavutköy, Besiktas, Cengelköy, Emirgan, Ortaköy, and many others. The shores of the Bosporus strait also features hotels, restaurants, gardens, parks, Ottoman palaces, fortresses, old wooden villas, and other attractions worth exploring.

For a fun and exciting adventure, book a full-day cruise along the Bosporus strait and the Black Sea with La Vacanza. Your onboard guide will show you the sights that make the strait a must-visit.


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