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Rabat Holiday Packages

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Rabat - Holiday Tour Packages from India


Enjoying Morocco’s Capital, Rabat : A name that literally means Fortified Place, Rabat is Morocco’s capital, located on the Atlantic Ocean. Its overall vibe is considered laid-back and easy going by Moroccan standards. Does it seem like your kind of vacation destination? You’re going to love it even more, given its mix of old and new. The city will give you a travel experience that is totally relaxing. 


Places to visit in Rabat

  • Kasbah of the Oudaias - This medieval Almohadan fortress citadel is a picturesque acropolis. Look beyond its grounds and you will see breathtaking ocean views. Look below and enjoy a scenic view of the Andalusian gardens. 
  • Old Medina - A vacation in Morocco would not be complete without checking out the medinas in every city. Rabat also has its own Old Medina, featuring souks with shops that are historical and traditional. 
  • Chellah - Founded by the Carthaginians, this old city that was abandoned by humans is now inhabited by storks. It serves as the bird’s breeding ground in spring. Because the city has been conquered by Romans and then passed by Arabs, it has traces of Morocco and Rome. With signs of the past still evident, it is definitely one place to visit when in Rabat.


Things to do in Rabat

Living up to its easy going vibe, sightseeing & activities in this city isn’t about seeking thrills or engaging in out-of-this-world adventures. In Rabat, wandering is adventure enough.

  • Soak up the atmosphere and enjoy people watching in a café at the Kasbah that is overlooking the sea. If your idea of a holiday is to not do anything at all, this is where you should be. 
  • Laze around at the park close to the Hotel Sofitel. It is described as large and tranquil, which is perfect for me time or quiet moments with loved ones. 
  • Go surfing or learn how at the Oudayes Surf Club. The small waves are ideal for children and beginners. 
  • Travel in time for the Mawazine, a world music festival, and you will have more things to do than sightseeing. 


Top attractions in Rabat

  • Royal Palace - This sprawling cream-colored property is definitely fit for royalty, especially with its massive size and grand construction. It is not open to the public, but look and dress up like the tourist that you are and armed guards might let you walk from one entrance to another.
  • Modern Art Museum - Strategically located near the train station, there is no reason not to visit the museum. And with new exhibitions done frequently, it would be a new experience every time.
  • Hassan Tower - The significance of this impressive tower can’t be emphasized enough, as it is what remained of a grand dream that the fourth monarch of the Almohad dynasty had. If the grand mosque he wanted built only finished before he died, it could have been one of the most notable tourist attractions in Rabat, given that the tower stands regal and imposing to this day.


Rabat holiday packages

Want to see more of the treasures that Rabat hold? Choose one of the Rabat holiday packages to Rabat, Morocco today.



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